It's finally Friday *cue the longest sigh in human history*. This week, my university classes resumed (and paying thousands of dollars for video calls is still a rude awakening). My days are long and strenuous — yesterday, I was very nearing burnout. Symptoms prevailed; staying at my desk until 10 PM, losing sleep and appetite, dreading life itself. So I made the decision, yesterday night, to block off everything on my to-do list today. 

With no near deadlines to miss, I said, "No work for you this Friday. You're gonna show up to class, and that's it." It might not sound like much but this was momentous — the choice of slowing down rather than power through (which would only worsen my deteriorating state). 

So in our lunch break today, I took a nature walk. When class finished at 4, I took a shower. I heated a late lunch, and picked up a book. The littlest victories.

Now, I'm feeling optimistic. I'm excited about my semester and everything coming this next few months. Although I'm still just as tired as the world is, I have reason to hope, and I've stumbled into some wondrous corners of the Internet lately. Below, a list of what I discovered.

One // folklore???!!!?? I– !!??!??!??! 

When Taylor casually announced her 8th studio album yesterday, my heart stopped. Therefore, I'm unashamed to admit that a large part of my relaxed Friday evening has been spent listening to the album while doing the dishes, almost crying reading her opening letter, and a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping five minutes of watching the cardigan music video. High school fangirl phase is fully reignited. With the, *cough* ... swift comeback of these beautiful, poignant new tracks — rest assured my 13-year-old heart is comforted for the rest of quarantine.

Two // Speaking of music: The Radio Garden is where you can listen to live radio from all around the world. 

I haven't been home in over a year, so the first thing I did was try to tune in to the local station in my hometown. It worked. And there was something about hearing the update on traffic, and its familiar awkward interviews. Something about it blaring in the bedroom of my Melbourne apartment, instead of my father's car. (What I'm listening to now: Smooth Jazz 24/7 from New York City.)

Three // Cured my wanderlust: Looking out other people's windows. (By far, my most blissful discovery*)

Four // My new favourite artist, Bridget Badore, photographs people in such vibrant ways. 

Five // This TED Talk asks, "What makes a happy planet?" 

Six // I've also been enjoying talks about relationships.

Seven // A Hamilton thread I proudly took part in.

Eight // An important, new perspective on humanitarian aid.

Nine // Last weekend I rewatched a childhood favourite, The Prince of Egypt, and fell back in love with its astounding soundtrack. In particular, this song (and its beautiful bridge.)

Ten // And the reason I was up at 11:38 PM last night laughing at rice.


*see if you can find the beagle in Bangalore, India.

What are some things that you discovered this week?

Stay safe and well. Talk to you soon!


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