As I'm writing this to you, four birds are perched on the tree outside my window. They are chirping so incessantly it seems to be a heated family discussion. It is Thursday morning, and the first day of our second lockdown period here in Melbourne. Six weeks is what they're telling us. Six weeks to eradicate the second wave (which unfortunately, did happen). 

Perhaps contrary to how some are reacting, I actually am happy, and relieved. Partly saddened, of course, for being separated from my loved ones, and for the small businesses trying to make ends meet. But any extreme measure necessary to keep us safe and alive, I'm happy to oblige. So here I am, sitting in my home desk on a perfect, sunny-cold Thursday morning.

My day is going fine. How is yours? 

I found these in my pocket. Would you like some?


Try this, if you just had a bad day.

And I have some beautiful news.

Here are things you can do at home, that aren't 'Netflix and chill'. But if you want Netflix, I can give you these.

"Sandra told me, that I was only... NUTS to that GODDAMN line, I cannot remember it..."

I know a place to go for when you're feeling lonely.

And the most calming song I listen to.

I should tell you also, about one of my favourite poets, Olivia, and what she writes about men, and time.

And I kept repeating this over and over again with a smile on my face: Why representation matters.

And are we reminding our girls, again and again, of what parts of them truly matter?

"Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." -Benjamin Franklin

This was the opening quote in a book I started recently: Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, whose other novel, Leaving Time, I read so many years ago, yet still remember as my favourite book of all time. 

In the plot of Small Great Things, an African American nurse gets sued for saving the life of a baby whose parents are white supremacists. Between that, and watching Blackkklansman just last week, I couldn't explain what has been drawing me into these issues, a month after the BLM protests. Although far removed from the throes of white supremacy and racism in America, I find myself immersing voluntarily into it. Stepping into stories that illuminate the injustice that even I, already a woman of colour, have never come close to experiencing. 

I bought Small Great Things probably last year, never considering how relevant it would be someday. I adore it so far, and excitedly follow its story in search of what it will teach me. I'll tell you all about it.

In other news, Hamilton arrived on Disney+ and the magical experience still plays in my head. What else can be said about the pure genius that is this play? If you follow me on Twitter, maybe my adoration flooded your timeline unannounced. 

And my latest update, is that I overcame my fear of canvas painting last night. Thanks to Bob Ross and some new art supplies, I am slowly rekindling my love for it, which I often forget about, and avoid, in fear of not doing it perfectly. I'll write more about this soon. But for now, here is its progress. 

Happy to report, that courage doesn't look too horrible.


PS: On link #2, here's the full gospel choir/orchestra version of that song.

There is so much to write to you, friends. I hope you stay around.

Yours truly,