How are you today? I've been saying so many "how are you"s lately. I mean it so much more now than I ever have.

This week finds us easing into the way of things. A strange, new equilibrium. I will, however, miss this collectiveness. A sense of "good luck out there". But I also look forward to the day we’ve overcome this.

Until then, here’s a collection of things that's been helping me to cheer up a bit. Because, really, at the end of the day, it matters that we're okay...

This album. Leslie Odom Jr. encompasses everything I look for in music.

Coldplay's NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert, with an astounding nine-piece choir. Songs include Viva La Vida, Broken (an endearing favourite), and Prince's 1999. (Here I realise Chris Martin is, in fact, as ruggedly handsome as people say he is.)

How Bibliophiles Flirt, a new episode on the Modern Love podcast. I don't know why I still rave so much about a podcast I've spent about a year listening to.

Amber Rae's 30-day journaling journey she titles #JournalYourFeelings.

I rewatched Mary Poppins Returns...

and am now listening to Julie Andrews' memoir on Audible.

Got a roll of film developed – my last one with memories from New York. (A glimpse of it attached below.)

The cloud appreciation society. A bit of ease for the mind.

And can I just say: Without scheduled video calls, I would've lost all concept of time.


How am I, you ask?

Craving hugs like never before, but I laugh. There are worse ways to suffer.

Some days I lose sense of purpose, and try to get away with doing the bare minimum, as I feel the overwhelm of graduating amidst a recession, and the grief of losing normalcy. Other days, though – and these days are increasing – I find joy in all this solitude.

Bottom line is that most days, I find reason to wake up, and try my best.

And what a gift, in and of itself, that is, and always has been.


Some frames out of my last roll from New York:

More photos like these, here.

I hope you have a special weekend.
Or a mighty average one.
Either one will do.



From a Distance is a blog series documenting life in the social distance. Paper airplanes flown out my window, hoping to reach yours. For connection. Companionship. A little human-ness in this very strange time. My hope is to make you feel a little less lonely. If you are. Whoever you are.

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