Where you are is where everyone is.

You're not sure about your career, or you're struggling with your studies, or it's been a series of bad days. If you think you're alone in feeling this way, you most likely are not. Stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, or whatever it is, can feel crippling. But each time I voice it out, thinking that I'm weird or alone for feeling this way, the only thing that ever happens? It resonates. Invites a chorus of "I feel the same way." So take this as a sign for comfort. That everyone, at some point, has felt what you're feeling. Many – in fact, the people around you – still do. Yet here we are. Here we all are.

Creativity comes in the pause.

This one is for all the fellow over-achieving, over-committed creatives out there. The ones whose to-do lists come in cycles, and would have at least five tasks each day and never less. Here is a concept: Creativity comes in the pause. Meaning, your creative block is coming from how busy you're making yourself. Inspiration is a phone call that only ever rings once. One can only catch them when one actively makes the time to listen. Creativity comes in the pause – the night time reading, the long walks home, the coffee breaks where you learn to sit down without a screen, for once. Time and attention is not as much of a luxury as you often assume it is. It's all in where you channel them to. If you want a creative breakthrough, make room. 

Don't resent people for treating you how they've always treated you.

But don't resent yourself for not realising it sooner.

Find your good kind of "good."

Don't "do what makes you feel good" if it makes you feel un-good afterwards (Wow, English.) I meant, get curious about what "feeling good" means to you. Is it good-numb? The time-stealing, Insta-scrolling-while-Netflix-binging kind of numb? The good that makes you forget about the world and your thoughts for a solid 30 minutes? The good that comes in the form of attractive coping mechanisms, that help you escape having to deal with your struggles and feelings? Or is it, good-connected? Good-loving? Good-grateful? The good that makes you want to breathe fresh air? The good that builds you, and reminds you of the things you love? There are different things for each of these categories. You know what they are. Write them down. Prioritise. And pay attention.


Happy October.