Celebrating Father's Day in Australia. Extending the warm greeting to all fathers out there, I'd like to say a Happy Father's Day...

To fathers who have lost children.

Children who have lost fathers.

Those who have strenuous relationships with fathers.

Those who live a distance from their fathers.

Father figures – stepfathers, godfathers, adoptive or foster fathers.

Those who never knew their fathers.

Those whose fathers weren't present.

Those abandoned by their fathers.

Those who have been hurt by their fathers.

Those yearning to be fathers.

Fathers with chronic or mental illnesses,

fathers with disabilities.

Fathers with financial struggles.

Stay-at-home or single fathers.

Fathers who served and never made it home.

Those separated from their fathers,

or fathers separated from their families and children as a refugee/asylum-seeker.

I'd like to address this and many more – you are heard, you are seen, and you are not alone. We stand with you, we hold your hand, if this day, for any reason, feels tough for you.

We send you love, warmth, and comfort, whatever your story may be. Our arms (or at least, my own) are outstretched to hug you in solidarity.

This wasn't a poem. Just a short little note I felt was important to put out there.

From Melbourne, Australia, I send you a Happy Father's Day,

wheverer you are, whatever you've been through,

however way this day may affect you.


This post was inspired by Mari Andrew's piece on Mother's Day: