The first presidential debate yesterday was highly anticipated; by me, and millions of viewers nation-wide. On the night of the live broadcasting, though, I was red-faced and bedridden with a bad fever and a sore throat. Although I'd planned to stay in to watch it that night, my body's weak state took hold—lightheaded and sweating from my own body temperature, I only lasted the first 15 minutes of the debate.

Sure enough, I woke up the next morning to witness an overflow of presidential memes already dominating all of social media. Entertaining as they are, a lot of the memes and commentaries we come across are highly opinionated already. So it is only wise to form your own intellectual opinions based on the broadcast, not on what media platforms or public figures tell you to believe, for every side is mostly entitled to their own biases.

Without further ado, below is a summary of all my personal opinions regarding this first debate of this year's presidential election, presented bilingually, because some things call for that.


- I'll just say this once: As much as I support Jokowi, his opening speech was weak. Having been President for this many years, you would think he would up his game and that he'd have prepared better for an opening speech that was going to affect the overall nature of how the people viewed him and his credibility throughout the rest of the debate. I do not support Prabowo, but contents aside, his opening speech was much better structured and worded than Jokowi's. It also left some remaining time for a good addition from his running vice, Sandiaga. From a communication standpoint, if you want to get people to listen to you, the first words you say (and how you say them) play a massive, massive role. Unfortunately it seems that Jokowi missed the memo.

- "Muara masalah negara, menurut kami, adalah kita butuh cukup uang untuk menjamin kualitas hidup semua petugas [...] sehingga dia tidak bisa dikorupsi atau tergoda dengan godaan koruptor." Prabowo's strong belief in paying politicians bigger wages supaya mereka "tidak tergoda" is absolutely delusional. (In the words of Nessie Judge,) "Pak, kalo Anda merasa gaji PNS yang 8 juta terlalu rendah sehingga mereka cenderung korupsi, kenapa anggota DPR yang diberi gaji 50 juta juga bisa tetap korupsi?" Jika ada anak kecil yang selalu suka ambil permen milik temannya, solusinya bukan untuk memberi dia lebih banyak permen supaya dia ngga ngambil lagi, Pak. Solusinya adalah mendidik anak itu bahwa tidak benar untuk mengambil apa yang bukan milik kita.

- Paslon 02's strength, though, lies in their dynamic. They are always confident in what they say (albeit not always true nor wise), and the two clearly have good chemistry. In every shoulder pat, whisper, shared humor, and any other gesture (yes, including the slightly cringeworthy shoulder massage) Paslon 02 successfully displays their "brotherhood", making them appear trustworthy to be working side by side as leaders.

- Jokowi, on the other hand, appeared quite frail and unconfident, and this has largely to do with the man standing by his side. Pak Ma'ruf felt not much more than a prop, as he didn't even utter a single word during the first few chances they were given to speak (and proceeded to stay silent in many of their other chances as well.) When left with 30 seconds, only smiling and stating that he has "nothing to add" and that he "supports Jokowi's statement" is a big, big mistake. With all due respect, this doesn't suggest that you're "a simple man", sir, it shows you're incompetent and lacking in knowledge on the subject matter. Throughout this whole debate, it miserably felt like Jokowi was a lone fighter. Pak Ma'ruf seemed like a grandparent who was dragged into an event he didn't want to go to. He spoke too slowly, was inexpressive and concerningly passive for such a large scale event, one so crucial for their presidential run. It's a big shame that he is the chosen VP to stand by Jokowi's side; I don't trust that he is a man qualified for the job, and I personally think he is too old to run for such a position in power. As a result, many will shift their trust to Paslon 02 (better to have two men lead a nation instead of just one.) I certainly wouldn't want him leading our nation, should anything happen to Jokowi while he's in office. This man is Jokowi's greatest weakness in this presidential race.

- In addition to that, if I may, it's almost like 90% of Pak Ma'ruf's job description was to just take the question ball, to be honest. (He even dropped it back into the bowl by accident at one point, prompting a do-over. Props to Ira Koesno for handling it well, but my God, how embarrassing.) Even I sense Jokowi was a tad embarrassed by the man chosen to be his running VP. Their alliance, on display, was an absolute flop.

- If Jokowi was distraught and nervous, it showed. He was punchy and strangely defensive; he poked and prodded at Prabowo quite a few times, defying the "humble and chill" persona sold to us in the last presidential election. This is somewhat dangerous to the success of his campaign. Sure, a few pokes here and there in each other's weaknesses are what debates usually consist of, but perhaps he could've handled it with more grace. I don't know, some things just felt off and seemed a little un-classy for someone of Jokowi's standards and character. Unpopular opinion, I guess. It could be just me.

- I dislike Prabowo's idea of raising our tax ratio to fund the "lives and wellbeing" of government employees. Half the country (?) is swimming under the poverty line already; I refuse to trust a man that wishes to extract even more from the people's pockets only to transfer it to the wallets of those in power.

- Jokowi's final question to Prabowo on corruption was such a good blow at the most obvious flaw in Prabowo's credibility. What I absolutely do not want in a President is a President that tolerates corruption. "Dibawa ke pulau terpencil, kita suruh tambang pasir," is so unrealistic that this pathetically sounded like what an imaginative 1st grader thinks would be a good punishment for bad guys. "Korupsi ga seberapa" was the phrase that shed the most light into Prabowo's troubling stance on corruption. Prabowo's biggest problem is how he doesn't seem to blame corruptors for the state of our corrupt government, but blames the wages for being too low. Frankly, he reminds me of the type of men who, in a case of rape, would blame the victim instead of the rapist himself.

- Paslon 02, though, always makes very good use of their time. Sandiaga closes off succinctly and eloquently each time Prabowo ends his (often problematic and untrue) spiels, and this is a strength in winning the hearts of the people; their pair appears much more strategic, cohesive, and well-prepared.

- And I dare to bet some of y'all Paslon 02 supporters only tuned in for Sandiaga's good looks.

Prabowo: "Saya boleh menjawab?" | Ira: "Tidak boleh." is still one of my most favourite moments.

- It was very off-putting that both candidates failed to give appreciation to the other rival during the closing, when prompted. Both sides lacked sportsmanship in this regard.

- The one who really owned and won last night's debate? Moderator Ira Koesno. "Jangan sampai perbedaan mencabik-cabik dan melemahkan kita sendiri." Words to live by and reflect upon, throughout this entire presidential race.


These are all very personal opinions and views of mine, so by no means am I speaking on behalf of anyone else nor am I trying to antagonize any group of supporters. It is much too early to draw a conclusion at this point, but from last night, much of my confidence in Paslon 01 was shaken.

Andai kata ini hanya kompetisi Jokowi vs Prabowo, dengan pasti saya yakin siapa yang mendapat dukungan saya. Tapi, melihat secara keseluruhan kedua pasang, Paslon 01 dan 02, menurut saya, berdasarkan kemarin malam, terus terang, hampir tidak ada yang lebih unggul.

It is no secret that Jokowi is far better at working than at podium speeches (contrary to his rival), but this debate was a chance to regain the people's trust. I worry that he didn't quite succeed. From a President, I expected more from his performance. I personally do not trust Prabowo one bit, but I also do not trust that Paslon 01 is a strong and reliable enough pair to lead and bring positive change to our nation. Dare I say, to even win.

To conclude my opinions, Paslon 01 supporters can't deny that Jokowi sometimes lacks authority when addressing the nation in his speeches, shaking the people's trust (even though he may have made some excellent achievements as President), and that KMA is a weak contender in this entire race. Paslon 02 supporters also can't deny that Prabowo is a man who has very problematic views on corruption, with solutions that are often times delusional, unrealistic, and often deviates from real facts, and a man with a lot of unanswered questions regarding his past.

My only hope is for harmony to be maintained in our country even with these two opposing political beliefs. I encourage us all to be as informed and objective as we can, acknowledging both parties' strengths and weaknesses fairly. And let's not forget that our whole goal is for none other than positive changes for a better nation. Regarding that, we all share the same page.

Til next time.