I've been incessantly, severely, obsessively in love with podcasts.

We all have our needs for entertainment, in whatever form it may take. Video games, cooking shows, an overrated Netflix series, or five-star romance novels; you name it. But as members of society in a world that's constantly changing, I think we should also feed our minds with entertainment that not only helps us pass the time, but also benefits and educates us.

Over the past few months, I've been immersing myself in this world of podcasts where everyone – from journalists and politicians to celebrities and comedians  – sits down to just- talk. Simply said.

Being recently detached from social media, I've been latching onto podcasts even more. In becoming  increasingly obsessed, it was also cool discovering how popular they actually are. The much-highlighted Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook don't reveal much about how expansive the podcast community is, but it is, and that's certainly well-earned – there's a podcast out there for everyone.


if you love writing and stories and good life advice // Dear Sugars

There is nothing I love more than a good piece of writing. Conducted by the New York Times, Dear Sugars is a podcast where hosts Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond give radically emphatic advice to some of the audience's most excruciating questions on real issues that they're facing.

In this podcast, the people (often called "letter-writers") write their stories in long letters, which Cheryl or Steve would then read aloud. The letters always carry such weight and depth in their narratives, but also, I am transfixed by how beautifully written they are. So well-worded that every story is bound to submerge your heart in all types of emotions with their raw honesty, regardless of whether or not you've gone through their pain.

As writers themselves, Steve and Cheryl are also incredibly compelling to listen to. What I love even more than their sage advice is how they have that softness and eloquence writers have in their speech, so much so that listening to them becomes so pleasant and meditative.

my favourite episodes are... "Letters from Teenagers" and "The Double Bind of Female Ambition – With Secretary Hilary Rodham Clinton"

if you need help with manners and social etiquette // Shmanners

In fact, even if you don't need that much help with your manners, but simply want to learn more about how to interact in social situations or behave in public settings, Shmanners is the way to go. Serving us episodes on "extraordinary etiquette for ordinary occasions", the show is informative and refreshing to listen to. 

It trains you in politeness, and helps tackle simple, but crucial questions, like How do I exit a conversation smoothly? When and where is PDA appropriate? How do we accept compliments? How do you reject a party invitation? More to love about this show are hosts Travis and Teresa McElroy, who not only share their wisdom generously, but also deliver with such a fun and lighthearted energy that it's so easy to love after the first listen.

my favourite episodes are... "Compliments", "Conversations", and "Social Media: Part One"

if you want to be ~*enlightened*~ // Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

It's safe to say that Oprah seems to reign everywhere; including the podcast sphere. On the start of each episode, after the mysteriously tranquil intro music, you would hear her voice call it as "your journey to become more connected to the deeper world around you." 

Different from your average motivational podcast, Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations delves into deeper questions, such as What gives you hope? What is the purpose of life? What do you think the world needs?, and asks these to authors, celebrities, and many other important figures that she has sat down and talked with. While most podcasts I listen to would touch on social issues, life events, or current news, Oprah's episodes place focus on what the title itself proclaims; the soul.

my favourite episode is... "Malala Yousafzai: What Is Your Defining Moment?"

other podcasts I can recommend:

Stuff You Should Know - if you want to learn more about how things work in general; from episodes on science (like lab-grown meats or nuclear forensics), natural phenomenons (tsunamis or the Northern Lights), social views, political strikes, to even historical events (like the killing of JFK or the life of Harriet Tubman), it's like opening a worldwide encyclopedia that covers everything.

- Modern Love - I'm not much of a softie, but if you're one of those people who love love, then you might enjoy this show, which is filled with various stories of romance, exploring corners of modern-day dating, love in the midst of grief, and more.


Even though I've never been attracted to audiobooks, I find podcasts highly rewarding to enjoy. Listening to the right shows that speak to you can easily help you improve as a person – give you knowledge, make you more cultured, clear-headed, and informed about the world.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are some podcasts that you've been obsessed with? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear about them! 

Til next time.