Hello! Yes, it is I, your typical blogger, emerging from the underworld.

It has been 7 days since my last blog post and I just spent an entire week of not writing nor preparing any content whatsoever. I know, I know; grant me no excuse, I am a disgrace.

Anyway, earlier today, I went for a hair appointment because there's only 6 days until the big move and my God, who wants to spend $50 on a haircut in a foreign country? Not me. For several days, I contemplated on whether or not I should cut my hair short. After a lot of thinking and Pinterest-browsing, I decided on this lob cut, similar to one I got back in 2016. I was pleased with the results, then proceeded to go home, put some decent makeup on, and take some pictures on a windy Tuesday. Because I have a camera. And it allows me to do that. 

Changing your hair on a January makes it look like you're buying into the cliché "new year, new me" thing, I get it. But there are reasons why I can be such a short-hair-enthusiast; at any time of year, really.

it saves time.

Having shorter hair cuts your getting-ready time in half. Aside from styling (if you're into that), short hair is incredibly low-maintenance. It dries quicker, and is much more manageable. Also, blow drying now feels less like an intense arm workout. You're welcome.

it boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

This means no more hiding behind the length of your hair, trying to smartly cover your "problem areas". Learning to live with short hair means exposing more of yourself (not to be read out of context), and it helps you practice self-love and acceptance, even at a time where you look and feel different than before.

you wake up with your hair in place.

Long hair might be fun, but it's troublesome for spending hours in bed. With short hair, you don't have to wake up with 142 strands of hair plastered on the side of your face, nor twisted up all around your head, forming a messy helmet of tangled locks. Open your eyes, sit up, and ta-da. Hair falls into place, almost seamlessly. Like magic.

it forces you to work on your posture.

Not that something as insignificant as changing your hair can instantly improve your entire quality of life, but after switching to shorter hair, I felt more obligated to maintain a good posture. With a lot more outward exposure, I am more mindful of my body language and my sitting/standing posture, especially when interacting with others.

you are free to recklessly shake your head around like a madman.

Not much explanation on this one. Just- try it, I swear.

it changes you from the outside in.

I don't know what it is, but the change in appearance actually leads to a change in personality as well. Not only do you obtain more confidence, but people with short hair are identified as being more carefree, happy, and open-minded. The funny thing is that these things sort of become true, gradually, as you settle into the new look. These positive vibes just sort of slowly immerse into you, perhaps partly because you feel like a new person overall.


I'm not going to try and exaggerate because I know that my hair is not the shortest cut it's ever been either (that's another haircut yet to happen someday in the future), but more or less, I hope this encouraged you. By all means, go shorter than I did. Be braver than I was. And if you've only been considering it, then take this as a sign, or whatever. 

Even though our topic today revolves around hair (honestly, not the most important thing in the world to talk about), I do find makeovers to be symbolic of a certain life principle that I'm beginning to learn: It's brave and healthy to step out of comfort zones. 

Coco Chanel once said, "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." 

I don't know what her life was like when she said that but after reading this quote, I chose to firmly believe it. Right now, things are balancing on a razor blade. Change is coming and I can see it like tsunami waves forming on the horizon. It can feel a little helpless; like seeing it on the weather forecast, but having no time to run away from it. So instead, I stand on the shore. The waves can bring a lot of things, but I'll learn to swim before it kills me. 

If a woman cuts her hair and changes her life, then I should be halfway there. Change shouldn't scare me, because whatever happens in my life, I decide what that change does to me. I'm in charge of which direction it makes me turn to. I'm in charge of not letting it break me.

And if I'm being really honest,

I didn't need a haircut to tell me that.


To making decisions that you'll be proud of,