It's happening, guys.

Tinsel, snow, and twinkling lights showing up in every corner. The overplayed (but delightful) Mariah Carey song making a slow and definite comeback. Cold weather and warm sweet drinks. Ugly sweaters and holiday sales. The time of year that makes my heart sing. The start of December; the sign of Christmas arriving.

This year has been crazy (as it always is every year) but thanks to Christmas, we always get to end each year on a sweet note. You know, it's like we can have the most chaotic, unpredicted, ridiculous year ever, but hey, Christmas! 

I love the holidays. And I realize that the energy surrounding the season is not just festive, but hopeful. With a good dosage of holiday cheer, people start to feel more optimistic; we put to rest whatever's past and faithfully anticipate what's about to come.

Also, it's a season of lists. And I don't mean the Naughty or Nice type; I mean the Christmas wish list that every child would proudly put up on their bedroom wall. Regardless of where we come from, the joys of December gives everyone a "treat yourself" moment. After such a long year, we feel we deserve to have some things on our wish list. Whether or not we manage to make it come true.

Back in school, I'd wish for a new sweater, a nice pair of boots, or something pretty to place in my bedroom. But as I've grown, it's probably going to be a little different. So without further ado, here's what's on my Christmas list this year:

- Emotional stability
- Family quality time 
- Better self-esteem
- Better writing skills
- Better politicians (and speaking of politics...)
- An end to Trump's presidency (In fact, let's end anything that only decreases our hope in humanity, please?)
- An end to systemic sexism (Is the safety of walking alone without someone catcalling you on the street, or taking into account the stories of victims of sexual assault, really too much to ask though?)
- An end to corruption (a girl can dream?)
- More women in positions of power.
- For people to start sending letters and postcards again.
- The ability to finish all my books in time
- And then for more books after I finish all my books in time.
- A button that turns off overthinking.
- A time machine.
- A ukulele.
- Well, a haircut would be nice also.
- And gosh, this dress.
- For someone to explain to me why there's a song titled "Twelve Days of Christmas"(If Christmas is on the 25th, and the wait to New Year's takes only six, so what does "twelve days" refer to? Who invented this concept and why did they leave such little explanation? How is the partridge on a pear tree supposed to solve anything? What am I missing? Questions left unanswered.)
- For Starbucks to start fixing their broken wi-fi routers.
- For supermodels to go out of style.
- For people who like to cut the line to stop their habit of cutting the line.
- For more trees in the world.
- For elephants to not go extinct.
- For airplane tickets to be free.
- A box of golden retriever puppies appearing at my doorstep on Christmas morning. (make it happen, Santa.)
- A brunch with Michelle Obama. (In fact, all the Obamas.)
- A Friends reunion episode.
- For people to spell & pronounce my name correctly.
- A visa, which I'm gonna need.
- This book, which I probably also need.
- And a cookbook for beginners, (or dummies. Or fully grown young adults who are only starting to spend time in a kitchen and trying to figure out how to properly hold all these kitchen utensils. In other words, dummies.) which I definitely need.
- Clear skin
- A tidier bedroom
- A tidier life, in general.
- But honestly,
- I just want to finish all my books in time.


Hope you all have an exciting, joyful, lovely month of December. Remember to stay kind, love yourself, and not be afraid to wish for ridiculous things.

See you around.