A street glistened by a recent rainfall. Warm evenings decorated with flickering candles with the sound of  laughter and acoustic guitars. Colors that remind you of autumn. Time seems to move quicker, as if it's eager to reach the year's end. The month of October, and how it ended much too soon.

A newfound love for Wes Anderson films. Not only for his twist-and-turn plots and fascinating characters, but also his unique visual and narrative style. I'm obsessed with his work; peculiar stories that tug at your heartstrings even if they make very little sense. Earlier this month I watched The Royal Tenenbaums and it became one of my most favorite films of all time.

Other movies I'd recommend are Amelie–a sweet classic French movie following the steps of a curious young lady and how she radiates life to the people around her, and The Zookeeper's Wife–based on a real story from Poland 1939, it's about a couple who hid dozens of Jews inside their zoo and helped them escape to safety during the WWII.

My recent obsessions include this fun tune by Parcels and a talented soul named Renee Dominique. Her voice is angelic, and I'm in love with her style of videos. Queen of ukulele covers, I tell you. Also, I've been immersing myself in basically everything from Hillsong United's Of Dirt and Grace album (especially Prince of Peace and Heaven Knows.) 

Last but not least, Nicole Zefanya; a gifted and young singer/songwriter who creates some of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. She writes lyrics that are beyond me. I'd recommend Anaheim to anyone who hasn't heard it already. A final word: a best friend who always gives amazing music recommendations is a best friend to keep.

Earlier this month I went on an exciting book haul that you can read about here. So I have spent many mornings mindlessly finishing a cup of tea while paying attention to the pages of my novel, or laying on the couch with a book over my head. This October, I finished reading: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, It by Alexa Chung, and The Daughter by Jane Shemilt. Also, I'd filled the last pages of my journal; my fourth completed Moleskine notebook to add to the stack of completed journals in my bedroom.

social media revamp
"Digital makeovers" is what I call them. Changing the blog's name and URL (cheers to finally purchasing a domain!), deleting my old Facebook account and replacing it with a new one (because the previous one had been there since 2008 and remained untouched for years), and giving a new URL and look to my Tumblr page. (My Tumblr is basically how the inside of my head would probably look like; the words I resonate with, the daydreams I visualize. The main reason I still use it is for visual inspiration.)

Making some much needed changes to your social media platforms can be very beneficial. "Personal branding" sounds like an arrogant term, but having all your pages appear as cohesive as possible is really helpful for networking and sharing your work.

The strangest thing that happened this month was that I finally started to learn how to cook. Second strangest thing was feeling like I'm beginning to enjoy it.

I've been spending more time in the kitchen, and I'm starting to like that sense of preparing something for other people to enjoy. Now I understand why people can love doing it; around the kitchen there are little joys, like the sound of grilling something on a pan, or the rich smell of spices and freshly cooked meals. By no means am I any good at it (yet?), but it's always good to try something new.

& elaine
On the 29th day of October, Sunday night, we heard the news that my sister finally gave birth to her baby daughter. So on Monday morning, we were already gathered in the hospital room, anxious to see the little angel that has become the newest addition to our family.  

Being an aunt gives you the experience of loving a child that isn't your own, and it's a special, touching memory in itself. When I finally saw her pink cheeks and little hands, it was literally like feeling my heart melt. Giving us a new set of eyes to look into, this year, she has become one of my favorite things. Our new reason for joy; the ray of light we've awaited to descend.


This month the blog posts I wrote include this travel post from Bali, a list of 100 things I love, my views on the words "broken home", and an article on how to politically disagree. I also made this small narrative about the stuff I'd written in the past, and published a Bali travel vlog on YouTube.

A light post today, just to give a few updates on how life had been in October.
Time is moving by so quickly these days that it feels like I couldn't even get a grip on anything. Trying to balance productivity and passion and people all at the same time can be pretty overwhelming.

Anyway, wishing you all a lovely month ahead.

I'll write again soon.