Having a blog, I always push myself to write something every now and then. Some days, inspiration flows like a river, and it turns into something I'm quite fond of. Other days, inspiration is a brick wall, not moving an inch when you try to push it with all your might, giving only silence and stillness even if you press your ears against it.

But on most days, inspiration comes in waves, and like a surfer, I'll have to swim forward and catch it in perfect time. When the wave recedes, again I wait for another to arrive, and for me to make the most of it once more. Sometimes they surface in forms of crafty metaphors or eloquent vocabulary. Other times they surface in the form of stories, words of advice, or when my soul is just brimming with musings.

Recently, the things I've been writing are often somewhat personal; close to my heart. Therefore, I'm often very insecure about my writing. But lately, hearing how the people around me seem to enjoy reading my words and agreeing with my thoughts have brought me a type of joy unlike any other. So I briefly made a small compilation of some of the articles I've written in the past, if anyone were to read them.


Caution: The posts I've chosen can be quite lengthy. And some of these ramblings make me cringe as I read through them. But here I am, embracing it fully, in the hopes of letting you into my thoughts through different doors and pathways.

"I Quit Social Media for a Week"
- "Things I Need to Tell Myself (2)"
- "The Art of Finding Confidence"
- "The Art of Embracing Defeat"
- "4:58 PM"
- This untitled piece on heartbreak and emotion.

- "Living with Perfectionism"
- "Life Lately | Internships, Harvard, and More" (I wrote this in the first semester of senior year in high school, so all the events by now are already quite outdated, but in it still some silver lining thoughts came to light)

Sometimes, though, I write in pure sarcasm; you can find those articles here and here. If you wish to see some travel posts (which are more visual than they are literate) I suggest this recent one from Bali, or the one from Melbourne when I went last year.


As a closing note, I'd just like to say thank you. If it's your first time here, or if you've read some of my work before, or if you've ever told me you liked my writing, I could not write any words as to how much I appreciate it. This blog is in no way "popular", and it's not that I have thousands of online followers, but simply knowing that what I write can make an impact on how you see things, or how you feel, knowing that my words resonated with you in any way, is more, more, more than enough. Thank you for sticking around, and for hearing my voice as I spoke.

'Til next time.

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