A smell of coffee and cinnamon drifting faintly through the air. Monochrome-patterned cushions, wooden furniture, and dozens of antique fixtures. The combination of beads, mirrors, and varieties of linen. Kim Soo; destination of the brunch-getters, creative wanderers, and home decor enthusiasts.

Their aesthetic was irresistible; think Pottery Barn meets minimalism. I made sure to have a look at every inch of the premises, and completely fell in love with their lifestyle items and housewares. Granted, most of the things were far too bulky to carry home. But going into these stores, I always love to imagine I'm on a shopping spree for home items, picking things out to place in ~an apartment I just bought for myself and live alone in.~ (Does anyone relate?) But "No, Joanne," I said to myself, "you do not need a wooden coat hanger, or that gorgeous copper kitchen set."

Because it was the first place we visited on our second day, my friends and I may have spent 85% of the time taking pictures at every possible corner. I know, I know; for the sake of Instagram, everyone turns into embarrassing tourists. 

For something that looks so serene from the outside, Kim Soo was a place bursting with energy. With the cafe being the extension of the shop (or is it the other way around?), their range of food is mostly very brunch-themed; not so much of glorious, great meals, but definitely pleasant enough for a quick sit-down with friends. Also, their cakes and beverages looked immensely tempting, even though I apparently didn't get to try any.

The insides gave a feeling of warmth and "home", while the outsides were just– gleaming. Picture perfect trees and crisp, white umbrellas giving humble shelter from the fierce Bali midday heat. The pleasant atmosphere was decorated with the sound of passing vehicles, stirring of teacups, and relaxed vacation chatter.


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(How long has it been since my last travel post? Three months. Go figure.
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I really enjoy making these photo-journal compilations so do expect more of them soon.

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