1. When cars slow down to let you walk past.
  2. Crazy amusement park rides.
  3. Staying at home.
  4. But also traveling. In all forms.
  5. The feeling of tucking myself into bed after a long day.
  6. Beauty and the Beast. (Not only referring to the movie, but you can read my movie review here.)
  7. Sitting alone in a cafe (With a really good book, or a laptop to do some work.)
  8. Peanut butter.
  9. Indie magazines.
  10. Learning new languages.
  11. Worship.
  12. Youth; spiritual communities that make you feel at home.
  13. Wearing black.
  14. Sound of Music.
  15. Wedding photos of that moment where the groom sees the bride for the first time.
  16. Concept stores. (Example)
  17. Frozen yogurt.
  18. Friendships or bonds that make my heart full, in which I don't feel like I'm forcing or pretending to be anything.
  19. Long, loose, un-sexy pants.
  20. Morning walks or runs.
  21. Good podcasts.
  22. Photographing people.
  23. Going to Target.
  24. My bed.
  25. Drinking cold water.
  26. Christmas time and everything about it.
  27. Michael Buble tunes. (I'm bad at defining genres, so what is that? Jazz, swing, show tunes, all of the above??)
  28. Breakfasts.
  29. Journaling.
  30. Denim jackets.
  31. Grocery shopping.
  32. Whipped cream. Don't judge.
  33. Solitude. (Introverts, hi?)
  34. Days where leaves fall from the trees and flutter in the air, just because they can.
  35. Tidying up.
  36. Cold pillows.
  37. Mascara.
  38. Showers after a long day.
  39. Chilly weather.
  40. Riding on a bike.
  41. Doodling on my notes.
  42. Standing on a shore and looking into the horizon.
  43. Watching orchestras, and being immersed in that musical trance.
  44. Wood elements in home decor.
  45. Brick walls.
  46. Videos of ballet dancers.
  47. The Overtunes.
  48. Deep conversations.
  49. Winter coats.
  50. Imitating different accents and dialects (or at least ridiculously attempting to.)
  51. Granola.
  52. Long, chill drives accompanied with music.
  53. Kind and friendly strangers.
  54. Exploring Ikea (or any furniture store, imagining I'm looking for items for my own future home.)
  55. The smell of freshly toasted bread.
  56. Long, sincere, and lovely messages from fellow bloggers that they leave on my posts.
  57. Pyjamas that are made out of satin/silk and make you feel all ~fancy~.
  58. Nailing the eyeliner on the first try.
  59. Looking at houses.
  60. Warm drinks on a cold day.
  61. Sleep.
  62. Looking out the window on a train ride.
  63. Looking out the window of an airplane.
  64. Or just staring out of windows in general.
  65. Singing when no one can hear me.
  66. That big mouth filter on Snapchat.
  67. Trustworthy leather bags.
  68. The colour blue.
  69. Dessert.
  70. Theatre plays.
  71. Face masks.
  72. Yoga.
  73. Big dogs!!
  74. Dogs that look like tough guard dogs but are actually such sweet creatures with loving eyes. (Yes, give me all the sweet German shepherds and Rottweilers you have.)
  75. Old, classic TV shows.
  76. Successful naps.
  77. My 50mm f/1.8 lens.
  78. Mountain breeze.
  79. Sketching flowers.
  80. The fact that turning the batteries inside a remote control to trick it into thinking you changed the batteries actually works.
  81. How the colour brown matches navy blue.
  82. Keeping tokens of travel memories (train tickets, city maps, boarding passes.)
  83. Morning light.
  84. Flannel shirts.
  85. Watching the steam come out of a hot drink, and how it sort of dances out of the cup and wisps into the air.
  86. A refreshing bowl of fruit.
  87. Disney soundtracks.
  88. Waking up early.
  89. Waking up late.
  90. Spoken word poetry.
  91. Having short hair.
  92. Oversized T-shirts.
  93. Smiling at strangers who then smile back.
  94. Modest jewellery.
  95. Tall trees.
  96. Pretty, scented soap bars.
  97. Having people pronounce/spell my name correctly.
  98. Trying on the first silliest hats/headpieces I see in a clothing store.
  99. Acapella sounds.
  100. Every moment in my life where anyone ever made me laugh. 

The last "100 Things I Love" list I made was written when I was 15, so I figured it was quite outdated. This took me practically weeks to put together, but I suggest you try it as well. Find 100 things that make you feel grateful to be alive; it helps you look on the bright side. Happy Sunday!

I'll write again soon.