1. Would you ever join a sorority?

    No. It's not because I have anything against sororities, or "sisterhood", it's just that I would never be that "sorority girl" type of person. I keep to myself, I prefer staying in than going out to parties, I read more than I dance, and I would never fit the mold of the physiques these girls have. It'll never work, and I think there are many other ways to find meaningful friendships.

2. Would you ever get plastic surgery?

    Another no. Not that I'm completely confident, because I'm one of the most insecure people I know. But in my culture and upbringing, it's considered unethical (I'm not even a big fan of the idea of eyelash extensions.) Also, there was some good advice my stepsister gave me a while ago; she said, "If you ever think about getting cosmetic surgery, go online and find a video of them performing it. I bet you won't really want one anymore."

3. Would you ever adopt a child?

    I'm not gonna all Angelina Jolie here, but I have a feeling that later as an adult, if I were ever given the opportunity, I would definitely consider. I've always admired the people who choose to adopt kids or foster them, regardless of whether or not they're capable of having kids of their own. You get to do some good for the world, while completely changing the life of a child. To me, it's profound.

4. Would you ever consider writing a book?

    Absolutely. It's one of my biggest lifelong dreams to end up writing a book. I'm not sure what it'll be; a memoir consisting photos of my childhood and my sarcastic remarks at every page? A self-help book? A story book? The possibilities are endless, and the thought still scares me, but I definitely wish to write one someday.

5. Would you ever stay in a jungle for a month?

    This depends on the circumstances in which I'll be living, to be honest. If it's some wooden log cabin or a pretty, sturdy treehouse, then hell yeah. But if we're talking 30 nights inside a sleeping bag or nothing else in the middle of a forest like some sort of survival game, I probably wouldn't even last the first two days. It's not even because I hate nature. But those bugs! Dealbreaker.

6. Would you ever go skydiving?

    Crazy, crazy idea, but I totally would. I never had a fear thing against heights, and I've always loved roller coasters and all those crazy rides in the amusement parks. So eh, how bad can it be? It's just the totally typical anecdote where people always go "I'd rather jump off a plane" and I just figured oh yeah I would totally literally do that.

7. Would you ever consider being a farmer?

    Yes!! I remember that in the Divergent movies, my top two favorite factions would've been Erudite (knowledge) and Amity (kindness and harmony). The Amity folks dress up in these loose clothes and in general lead very chill lives! They harvest the crop, garden, paint, and are practically living in peace. I don't get why anyone would choose to shoot guns or become a lawyer instead. For me, I was totally sold. I've always loved seeing people who live on farms or grew up in them, and just how they go about their day and do their chores. It's the ultimate feel-good job and lifestyle! I'd totally forget about any big cities or fast cars. Just give me 10 horses, chicken to feed, and plants to tend to and I'd feel like I'm in a dream.
8. Would you ever become a doctor?
    The thing is, I know that this is the ideal career that'll make my parents proud and my teachers proud and everyone who knows me proud. Like I know there's a certain glow that lights up in people's eyes when they find out you're applying to med school. But in reality, the thing that keeps me from pursuing it is my fear of blood. I am not scared of heights, or spiders, or the dark, but give me a fresh wound with the blood gushing out of the cut, and I can very nearly faint. It's not ideal for an aspiring doctor to lose breath simply by the sight of a little cut, so med school has always been off limits. It makes me somewhat sad, to this day, that this trait of mine gets in my way of pursuing what could be a totally different path for me. But eh, I'm starting to learn that life is sometimes just an array of missed opportunities.

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