"Be careful, Diana,
they do not deserve you."

Aaannddd here she is. Ex-Miss Israel and Fast & Furious side chick Gal Gadot in thigh-high boots and a suit of armour, slaying all of mankind and stomping wars (along with my self esteem) to the ground.

The highly anticipated DC movie, Wonder Woman, finally hit theatres this month, and it got us all shook. There's been a lot of hype revolving around this movie, and it's pretty understandable. With a female director and a female superhero lead, this can easily be called the movie of feminists. And I don't hate it! I got to watch this with my family a few days ago so in this review, you will find all that I have to say about it.

Born as the princess of Themyscira, Diana always wanted to grow up to be a woman capable of defending herself and joining her fellow Amazon "sisters" in battle against any danger that may come their way. At one point, an American soldier-slash-pilot, who's been assigned by the British Intelligence to spy on the Germans in the heat of a world war, Steve Trevor, crashed into the island of Themyscira. Rescued by Diana, the Amazons then learn of the great conflicts and warfare happening in the outside world. Being the noble warrior princess she is, Diana sets out on a mission to find Ares, the god of war, whom she believed was responsible, and to stop the war and to save the world. You know, as all heroes do.

I'll be a bit frank. I loved watching this movie and really did enjoy it, but in retrospect, is it the greatest movie of all time? Not quite. It was awesome, but not necessarily groundbreaking either. Even though I loved the outburst of Girl Power going on here, I still wouldn't name it the best movie ever in general. Although, I think it's already a great leap for females in the film industry, and I admire Patty Jenkins's work and Gal Gadot's performance in this movie regardless. But as much as I'm all for feminism and showing power in women, we'd expected a lot more from the film. Aside from that, though, as always, below is my review in bullet points:

  1. Can we start by talking about that face though? If you haven't watched the movie, you have been warned. All I'll say is Gal Gadot's facial features sent my self-esteem sliding into its grave. She is a stunning female lead, and I suppose it's quite fitting for Wonder Woman to look mystifyingly beautiful from all angles, right? I think the real achievement here is highlighting a female superhero who isn't trying to be "sultry" or "seduce" her way into fighting for justice. She doesn't let anyone stop her, she just goes out and do what she has to. It's an impressive character, and Gal Gadot carried it out wonderfully.
  2. I have soooo so so much love for one of the starting battle scenes where all the Amazon warriors are geared up and fighting against those Germans invading their land. It was even, in a way, moving. The scene showed the remarkable strength these women had, and to witness those gladiator moves with horses and swords and arrows and all that in slow motion? It was legendary, to say the least. Like YES. GO. DEFEAT THE PATRIARCHY. :-)
  3. If I'm being completely honest, the writing and storyline for this movie weren't the best I've seen. Even though there were some pretty nice dashes of humour here and there, some of the lines felt a little forced or dull. The storyline is interesting enough, but didn't quite leave a mark for me. And for the most part, that's what's been keeping people from really loving with this movie.
  4. Also, it was disappointing to see so many fascinating characters, yet a storyline that really doesn't do them justice. What about Steve's secretary? Or that evil villain chemist?? I do wish the movie gave us a much deeper look into the lives of these characters, but instead, it just felt like merely scratching the surface. Give us the background, more details, anything! Because for the most part, aside from some distinctive traits, not much can be taken away from them.
  5. The overall casting is fine. But there is one that I'm a bit on edge with, and that is (SPOILER ALERT) David Thewlis being the "Ares" we were all hearing such frightening things about. Don't get me wrong, he's a brilliant actor, but just- not so much for the role of the Ares. I just don't understand why, out of all people, was Ares the old politics man with a moustache. It's a disappointing decision, and it failed to give us that look and vibe of the "merciless, angry, vengeful god of war." Honestly, it just felt like seeing Professor Lupin in an armour of steel way too big for his size.
  6. I also secretly wish they gave more chances for Gal Gadot to show off her acting. Even though she didn't have to act sultry or anything, it's fair to say that her captivating beauty is a large part of what captured people's attention for this movie. But I just wished we saw more of Diana, like a little vulnerability. She's amazing as it is, but I don't know, the emotions shown in this film just didn't do much for me. It didn't shake me at my core. Maybe it's just me and how I subconsciously compared the vulnerability of Diana to that of Katniss Everdeen, or maybe it is a tiny lack in acting or heart-provoking scenes, but there was just so much more that could have been done.
  7. There was a lot of Greek mythology infused into the storyline of this film. From the start, the main background of the plot, all the way to Diana's save-the-world mission, they all revolved around the gods and her own belief, against what was actually the real world. Again, I don't hate it. I know that DC does tend to lean more to that direction, and it's seen in that Superman movie a while ago too. But I'm pretty sure they didn't bring it up quite as much in Superman. Significantly less than this Wonder Woman movie, where the Greek side was brought up so much that I felt like it was turning a bit too Percy Jackson for me.
So all in all, did I like this movie? Yes I liked it quite a lot. But for now, I only hope that the minor setbacks of the film don't lead people into thinking that this is "the best" that any female filmmaker or any female-superhero-lead film can do. As stunning as it was, I'm sure there'll be a lot more blockbuster films in the future representing this Girl Power essence, and this movie, on behalf of DC, simply paved the way. Despite it feeling much like the DC and female version of Captain America (no joke: Her resemblance to Peggy Carter? Their final encounter just before the guy goes off and dies in a plane? The World War? I have a point), I still got a lot of respect for this movie, and wish for more iconic ones to come.

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