At the start of June, I spent a week in Bali with some of my friends. Out of the 7 days we were there, we spent our sixth day traveling to a nearby island outside of the island of Bali, called Nusa Penida. We got up early and got dressed before heading out to Sanur beach where our ferry awaited. 

Upon arriving, I gotta say there were a bunch of tourism groups and transport services in the area, offering car rentals for the island, boat rides, etc. I can't figure out how they'd be able to communicate, though, because Nusa Penida had zero cell phone service.

We rode on a ferry with a messy combination of other people besides our group. It was fun because I don't get seasick, but I gotta say, being crammed into a boat with other foreign tourists and local tourists was quite a ride. The 45-minute-or-so boat ride got us to the island of Nusa Penida, where our cars were already waiting for us, to take us to the most stunning locations the island has. This is where it got real.

I soon realized that Nusa Penida wasn't this isolated, quiet island with only very few people living on it, like I'd expected. The roads were narrow, and there weren't that many buildings or houses to begin with (most of the land is still trees and dirt and grass), but they had cars and boats and even private resorts! I'd completely underestimated it.

Our car ride had to be the most eventful and fun car ride I've ever experienced in my life. With several of my other girlfriends, we noticed how our driver had a very excellent taste in music. He got all the newest, hottest songs and we spent the whole car ride jamming to them. While all this was happening, this driver, this man, just keeps on driving, FULL SPEED AHEAD, along this road that felt like it was 80% rocks and 20% actual road, and just drifts at every turn, and he did it so casually as our car was literally speeding through the jungle. It was a roller-coaster-road-trip type of ride, and I had the time of my life.

The first place we went to was the Broken Beach. The pictures are pretty self-explanatory, as in it was the most beautiful thing to ever witness. We walked up to the spot and once we looked down, there was a moment where everyone couldn't believe their eyes. Awed not only by the structure of this cliff and the wonderful work nature had done, but the water! It was the most beautiful blue, with waves that kept on moving, and it just engulfed my heart.

A short walk away was the Angel's Billabong. Not gonna lie, I first thought okay did they really name this place after a sportswear brand because THAT'S NOT SMART but upon research, I learned that "billabong" actually refers to a branch of a river forming a stagnant pool, that's made by the water that flows in from a certain stream during a wave's crash or flood. And essentially, that's what the place was. It wasn't as breathtaking as Broken Beach, but it was a lot more practical to take photos on. Plus, it was still amazing. The water in the streams was absolutely crystal clear, and the moment those waves crashed against the rocks and this burst of water just leapt up in all its glory? Nothing quite like it. (photos below)

That is me holding my backpack strap, not me clutching a fist. Just to put this out there.

The second spot we went to was called Kelingking Beach. The name is Bahasa for "little finger", which made me wonder because there was nothing little about this place. It offered more of that breath-of-fresh-air type of scenery. You stand in the middle of a wide open space, and from a distance, you see this spotless gorgeous beach down below, and even further away are just some hills seamlessly glistened by the ray of light coming from the skies. How would I describe it? Heavenly.  I feel like there wouldn't be any other way to describe it than with the most beautiful of poetries. Standing there just felt surreal. (photos above)

I kept staring at the waves going back and forth. The patterns and lines on those rocks also somehow fascinated me. Like pure charcoal-art-meets-geology. Witnessing all of this, I gotta say, man-made tourist attractions would never even come close. Sadly, we only got to enjoy the view from above. Nearby, there was a steep pathway with tiny wooden panels (I assumed they were stairs) which led to the beach itself. We didn't go, though, because we were told that the walk down would take two hours. So lunch it was.

After having a quick lunch break, we proceeded to our next and final location; the Crystal Bay. And as the bumpy car ride took us there and I laid my eyes on it for the first time, it was indeed crystal. The sand was- what word could I use best- glistening. It was a dark grey color, which enhanced the soil's ~glittery~ look. Needless to say, it was perfect that we arrived on a bright sunny day (hence, my sunburn, which I'm pretty sure was obtained while I was on this beach). (photos below)

Aside from the trees, tiny chairs and umbrellas, and a small food stall, though, the beach itself didn't have much to offer. There weren't any nice restaurants, and their washrooms weren't great. I kid you not; we had to scoop water deep down from a well (with a bucket and a rope attached to it) repeatedly just to clean our feet. (All I wanted was clean feet, not to feel like a working-class Snow White, thanks?) But hey! It was still a very cool experience. It wasn't a grand, beautiful finale to close our time in Nusa Penida, but it was a lovely place to see.

My whole experience in Nusa Penida was, in a way, eye therapy. It's one of those days where I went to sleep so soundly that night because my eyes had seen so many, and my soul just felt so full. If you're ever in Bali, I totally recommend this small island experience. No photos on the Internet (not even mine) can do the place any justice. It's something you gotta see for yourself.

My advice would be to just leave your phone behind, or to keep it inside your bag. There's little to no reception anyway, so it won't be much use. Also, it'd be a lot better to just be present in the scene instead. Just let yourself soak in all that greatness, and let the sceneries take your breath away, while also calming you enough that it reminds you to breathe.

Have you ever heard of the island, or perhaps visited it on your last time in Bali? 
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From the girl who loves to travel,