For a much-talked-about, increasingly controversial, yet highly anticipated Disney movie, I'd feel like I'm cheating on it if I didn't write a review. So here it is, the famous Beauty and the Beast, an enchanting tale remade into a beautiful modern-Disney-movie production. Here's what I have to say.

I completely,



lost my chill.

To start, I should mention that the original movie (animated version) of this story was what made my childhood. Belle had always been my favourite Disney princess. This gorgeous country girl who walks around reading her book, shows no interest for the village's Most Handsome Hero, has brown hair, and wears a lot of blue. Obviously, I adore her. And yes, I think Emma was brilliant.

However, when I saw the trailers, the news and all the hype prior to the release of this movie, I wasn't that excited. Even though this was my favourite, I was still doubtful about this remake. Perhaps I just knew that I would be expecting quite a lot from it, and usually when that happens, the standards aren't necessarily met. I love Emma, and the story, but the trailer just didn't sell to me. What if it's dull? We had that whole Cinderella phase last year. It's starting to get old, isn't it? But upon watching this movie, oh boy, honestly speaking, the expectations aren't only met, but also exceeded. (Trust me, I'm totally dying from how much love I have for this film. I'm just trying hard to sound more composed and put-together for this blog post. Inside, I'm still screeching.) So here's my review.
  1. Before I gush over how obsessed I am with it now, I'll point out the few things I didn't quite approve of. And no, I'm not referring to LeFou's taste in men. It didn't concern me, in fact, it was kind of hilarious! There were some things in the movie which I found disappointing. They might be minor things but they matteredFirstly, I simply don't understand their choice of giving Beast those massive horns. Yes, he had those in the original movie, but not as large. This has to be the single most disappointing thing about this movie for me. It's a shame because they're the first thing you see when looking at the Beast. And for what reason?? If only they'd made it shorter and less significant, it would've been perfect. But now, it just looks bizarre. Let's not mistake his ideal look for Maleficent's, eh?
  2. Also, Belle's house is placed in a very, very strange setting. I vividly remember her home as being in the countryside, a little outside the village, with this small bridge in front of her garden. I wish they'd made it like that in this remake as well. Instead, her house has appeared much smaller, and apparently it's inside the village, but right in the middle??? Of a fork road??? And she's growing plants and has got a place for the horse and chickens but it's literally just in the middle of a village intersection, it seems??? On stone-cobbled streets??? I don't know, I hope I'm not the only one, but it was odd for me.
  3. A couple other incidents I wasn't fond of was when Maurice was in that prison cell saying goodbye to Belle, and all that time he showed very little signs of struggle. Not even that much begging for his sake! And then he just starts saying his farewell to Belle as if he's fully accepted his defeat, without looking like he's in despair, which I think he kind of should be. The other thing is how they erased Chip's line ("it tickles!") when Belle drank from him. I just expected it to still be there.
  4. Now, let the fangirl in me speak. Never have I ever sat in a modern-day Disney movie and experienced such a roller-coaster of emotions. All of which resulted in me a) feeling like I'm about to cry or b) actually crying. It's difficult to find movies that make me cry, but watching this was such an emotionally overwhelming experience for me. For most of the movie, I had goosebumps and was holding back tears. It was what I loved in my childhood, brought to life, in this visually astounding, unbelievably magical piece of work. I loved it all: The village, Belle, a perfect depiction of the real storyline (without some crazy twist or plot modification). I ended up crying multiple times throughout the movie. I knew all the words to "Be Our Guest", and mentally sung along to "Belle" as it was being played. That and seeing the characters brought to life, and how they match what I remembered of them so perfectly (like how similar Gaston is to the animation, and how he had the exact same voice), it shook me to the core.

  5. Allow me to push all the haters aside and proclaim that Emma Watson is a perfect, perfect Belle and her singing was beautiful and she is beautiful and nothing, nothing hurts. Nothing. Sure, physically, her resemblance to Belle can be questioned, but I am not complaining one bit. She's an amazing actress who's already very much like Belle in her real life and work. She's smart and well-mannered and I'd just hate for the role of Belle to fall to any other actress.
  6. I cannot emphasize enough on how majestic and brilliant the music is. Just extraordinary. Everything! Every single song, arrangement, all of them I'm so utterly in love with. I'm in awe of the vocals (the chorus singing was out of this world) and the instrumental art behind every single piece, they leave me speechless. Disney's done it again. But really, from a musical point of view, hands down, this movie wins.
  7. The camerawork is great too, but obviously I didn't expect any less from Disney. I'll just mention that one shot of Philippe, alone, running through an open field. Extraordinary.
  8. So finally, I'd just like to applaud the producers for creating this beautiful masterpiece. I couldn't have asked for a better remake of my most favourite story. Different from any other Disney movie, this one impacted me in a way I couldn't even begin to describe. Watching this, I was completely entranced. Still, to this minute, blown away by what this movie turned out to be. Which I must have made clear with this lengthy review. Well. Done.
Have you watched the movie? Did you enjoy it? 
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I'll write again soon.

PS: Plumette? Gor-geous.