I'll be honest, this post is actually long overdue. But I still want to share with you all the beauty we stumbled upon on of the island of Madura. So, a throwback post it is!

Madura is a separate island located very near to my city, only separated by a single strait but connected by a bridge which makes it easy for us to take a trip there. About a month ago, my friends and I had to go and do a video shoot for an upcoming school event we're having. It was a large group (around 15 people, I'd say) and all duties aside, we still wanted to make the most out of this little getaway, so a lot of us were bringing along our cameras and capturing every moment. It was a sunny Monday, and the weather was scorching hot, but I gotta say, Madura doesn't look so bad!

This was actually from a stop we made before reaching our first location. We had breakfast at a small open restaurant but was completely mesmerised by this open rice field we stumbled upon at the back of the restaurant. It was still around 7 AM so the beautiful view felt totally nice to experience.

After taking pictures and having breakfast together and hanging around, we finally went off to our first location: Bukit Jaddih (translates to Jaddih Hill, but let's not refer to it as that.)

As a tourist destination, Jaddih has recently been getting quite the attention. I've seen it in photos before, but arriving there felt surreal. The area looked stunning. Once you step out, in every direction, the scenery displayed white cliffs with coarse, rocky textures that was so picturesque, it was like standing in the middle of a painting, or a charcoal sketch. It was unlike anything I've ever seen before.

My favourite part was the water body we found sitting among the white-and-beige, wall-like ridges. The crystal clear water reflected this gorgeous, serene turquoise colour that was just beyond what words could express. It was the most aesthetically pleasing area to step into.

The soil was mainly limestone, so yes, it was basically hills and hills of chalk, which explained why there were so many trucks in sight, all of which we assumed were carrying the materials. A part of me felt that it was a shame a place so beautiful had to be, well, industrialized. But all in all, I was glad to have the chance to witness it in person.

Another area made of limestone hills, our second location (known as Arosbaya) was just as breathtaking. Of course it offers a different vibe apart from Bukit Jaddih. In Jaddih, the atmosphere was somewhat ethereal, but in Arosbaya, I felt like it was a way one could reconnect with ~*nature and its surroundings*~. You were surrounded with trees and bushes and earthy elements that made it seem like it'd be really easy to get lost.

I fell in love with how these rocks looked, their silhouettes and how it sort of exposed how they were formed. The shapes were imperfect and jagged, yet the side of these cliffs displayed almost perfect lines that adds to the structure of these majestic rocks (it strangely reminded me of the Grand Canyon, or the Twelve Apostles). This location was slightly more fascinating because there were pathways you could take, and caves that you could step into. It offered more and we basically had more to discover.

I actually created a short vlog highlighting this trip, 
you can find the video on my YouTube channel or you can click here:

Overall, this trip brought out the best in me. As a girl who'd relentlessly take pictures, visiting out-of-the-ordinary, beautiful places that were actually not too far from my own city was definitely something worth remembering. That day, we'd left at 5:30 AM and finished up at around 7 PM, so it was no doubt exhausting, but I'm so grateful for the experience. Sometimes you have to step just a little bit outside of your own little world to find places that can amaze you.

I'll see you around!