Last Wednesday was the date of my country's Independence Day (71 years free!), and it was an eventful day. Soon after, I realised that this was going to be my last time celebrating my country's Independence Day inside my country. Chances are, I'll already be studying abroad by next year, and 3 years after that. So I wanted to somehow show a sense of pride for my nation. Hence, this photoshoot.

A kebaya, according to Google, is a light, loose tunic worn by women in Malaysia, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asian countries. No offense Malaysia, but I think my country deserves ownership over this one.

The kebaya usually comes in a full head-to-toe outfit (yes, the waist-cinching, body-hugging, fitted type of traditional attire.) However, my mom happens to sell these tops along with her friend. The top resembles the upper half of the kebaya, but in this case, you can wear them however you'd like. The trend has become quite popular among girls around here, and I love seeing it. I decided to pair my top with a pair of black jeans because who has time to coordinate outfits? Not me.

I loved wearing it (it was a little big around the waist, but still). In a glance, it obviously looks like your typical ethnic southeast Asian traditional wear. However, I am absolutely in love with both the colour and the intricate hand-sewn details resembling flowers around the front and sides. It gives a sense of femininity. Many other varieties of flowers were available, so a lot of these actually come in different colours and styles. It's also quite practical since I get to wear it with anything like any casual top I own.

There was definitely something empowering about wearing this, not only because it reflected my nation, but because it became a symbol of two things I know I am: An Indonesian, and a feminist.

Does your country have a certain traditional piece that you love to wear or are proud of? What do you think of this one? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to read your thoughts. :)

Until next time,


Aaaand I'm back.

I have decided against blogging for quite some time now for a handful of reasons. To name a few:
1. I'm having way too much on my plate. School is starting and there are heaps of things to deal with right now and it's been keeping me immensely busy.
2. I didn't know what to write about anymore. I'll be honest, my brain's been so exhausted that it just haven't had the time to properly generate ideas.
3. I felt like I needed to get my life together first. Not gonna lie, it's been messy. Emotionally, physically, and mentally. But I think my stability always comes from working, and from being productive. So that's what I'm going to start doing.

I'm hopeful for another start. I still want to pursue blogging all the way into my future and to actually make something out of the whole process, and it is going to take some time. However, I figured that the only thing that can take me off of the stress that life gives, is giving myself one thing I would enjoy stressing about. If that makes sense.

I changed my layout here and there, if you've noticed, and it's because I'm trying to re-brand this blog so that it can keep up with how I am right now as a person, who's growing- stumbling, but still growing nonetheless.