We've reached the middle of June already and I thought it was about time for me to share my most recent favourites! My last music post was quite a while ago so now I'm packed and ready with a new list of fresh tunes. I've just been obsessing over these songs so I hope you like them.
  • "Wolves" - One Direction (I ended up loving this song more than I planned. It's just addicting.)
  • "Can't Stop the Feeling" - Justin Timberlake (Such a good song, JT never fails to take my heart away. The ultimate feel-good song with a really cool beat you can totally dance to.)
  • "Talk Me Down" - Troye Sivan (This song feels really slow and melancholic, but in a way it just consumes you. I don't know. Listen to it if you haven't, guys.)
  • "This Is What You Came For" - Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna (This is kind of a fresh song and I'm just literally obsessed. So so good.)
  • "Masterpiece" - Jessie J (An oldie but goodie. The lyrics are amazing and they really speak to me personally, and her vocals are flawless.)
  • "Army" - Ellie Goulding (This song was played during my high school's graduation gala and I instantly fell in love with the chorus. Ellie continues to mesmerize.)
  • "Til Kingdom Come" - Coldplay (I don't normally listen to Coldplay anymore but my boyfriend recommended this and I loved it the minute I heard it. So beautiful, and it just got to me in a deep, personal level at that time.)
  • "Steady Me" - Hollyn (I'd never heard of this artist before but I really really like this song. It turned out to be gospel, as I realised after a while, but just a really nice tune.)
  • "If It's For You" - The Overtunes (The Overtunes is a band from my home country, Indonesia, and I happen to love their music. This song's always been one of my favourites.)
  • "Is It The Answer" Reality Club (This might be a little unexpected but the Reality Club is a band from Jakarta, I found it because the lead singer happens to be one of my fave YouTubers, and I listened to their first single and this turned out to be so good.)
  • "Nobody" - Selena Gomez (I don't know why I loved this song so much when I heard it, but the chorus just kind of sweeps you off your feet. It's beautiful, I love it.)
  • "Real Love" - Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne (Again, quite an old song but I listened to it again recently and fell back in love. I've always been a huge fan of Jess Glynne because of her vocals and style of music in general. SO good.)
Got any favourites? What do you think of the songs above? Leave a comment below and I'd love to hear from you since it's been a while!

Have a great week.