So, just a little update: I turned 17 last Friday. 

Do you feel old? 
Not really.
How does it feel like so far? 
So you drive now? 
Never laid hands on a steering wheel in my entire life. I know, I know, I suck at turning 17. 
Any wishes? 
Actually, on my birthday I realised, that everything I want, and everything I need, I already have. I'm abundantly blessed, and I know this full well.

Technically, this birthday post is about a week late, but I knew that not writing about my 17th birthday on my blog would be- well, a crime. So here it is.

The thing about turning 17 is that where I come from, it's a big deal. A lot of girls hold these extravagant parties and they just make one hell of a celebration out of it. (Kind of like how Super Sweet 16s are in the US). Judging from that, I thought that turning 17 would feel glorious. I thought my life would feel like it's ~*changed*~ and that the sun would shine in a different light and my days would be different and I would be a totally new person.

None of this happened.

The days leading up to my birthday were kind of dull. Maybe it was my finals week, but I knew that even though I was going to celebrate with a fun dinner gathering with my friends and I was going to see my family and it was going to be a great birthday, I still didn't look forward to it that much. I was happy, sure, but meh, it's just a birthday.

I woke up, June 3rd, at a quarter to 5 AM (yes, my birthday weekend featured many nights of a lack of sleep) and replied to several messages my friends left me from 12 AM the night before. My boyfriend texted me that morning and so did several other people.

I was just about to get up when all of a sudden, three of my closest church friends came into my room with a plate of the breakfast menu from McDonalds (a classy meal to start my birthday), complete with a set of candles, singing Happy Birthday to me, who wasn't even fully awake yet. It was the earliest birthday surprise I've had in a while and it was so thoughtful of them. 

My mom finally woke up an hour later, hugged me and wished me a happy birthday. Her gifts were really memorable: She wrote me a letter (which made me cry) and gave me a cross necklace (that I now wear daily and never take off).

After that, it was just a normal day (well, with countless people wishing me a happy birthday every time I pass by them at school). I usually would dress up for my birthday to look nicer but that day I only wore a plain white tee with black jeans and my pair of Converses. I know, right? Fashion.

We had two subjects only that Friday and the day at school basically ended with a friendly basketball game. My friends and I had a great time watching. Around noon, one of my best friends took me all the way to the first floor because she said she had something for me. Turns out, it was the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I've ever seen. (It's the one I'm holding in the first picture). I was so happy about it and I thought it was the most subtle, gorgeous, and unexpected gift.

When I got home, I finally saw my sister, brother-in-law, and my baby nephew. Knowing that my brother would finally come home later that day, I was beyond excited. Having a big family, getting to be with all of them becomes rare. The fact that we were going to be at least almost complete just made my happiness.

Another thing that made me extremely happy was that the twelve of us (my best friends and I) were finally complete that night. They all looked absolutely stunning and aside from that, they also gave me a surprise that night with an adorable cake and a video that they came together to make. The video was the sweetest thing and it was so hilarious that I almost cried. They gave me a gift of Copic markers (YES?) and a gorgeous fragrance (DOUBLE YES?) I felt so lucky to have them and it was the sweetest thing. They complete me. Period.

Before the dinner officially started, my brother-in-law carried out a few words to open up the evening. He invited some friends to come up and say a few words about me, and he even had one of my guy friends to come up and say some things about me, which in turn became hella awkward but it was cool anyway. Three of my closest friends came and said the nicest things.

Here's where it got kind of crazy. After all of that, we all closed our eyes and prayed (as we normally would). My brother-in-law led us in prayer and he also prayed for me as well, which was nice. After a few minutes, we were done and I opened my eyes only to find the biggest, most unexpected surprise that night.

Being in a long distance relationship, I knew that meant that I wouldn't be able to see my boyfriend on the big day, and I was completely fine with that. But when we opened our eyes after our prayers, there he was. In a blue sweater, holding flowers and a blue box, he was already standing in the side of the room, ready to come in. I was beyond speechless.

He walked towards me and at this point, everyone in the room was freaking out. Including me. Especially me. It turns out that my boyfriend, who lives 754 km away from me, flew into my town that day and have been getting in touch with my family for a while before my birthday to tell them that he was coming, just to be there on my birthday and surprise me. There are no words to accurately describe it. I was so close to crying (I DIDN'T though) and I couldn't even make a proper reaction to it. It felt crazy and so unreal that someone would do something so sweet. I ended up spending most of my weekend with him and it felt like the best weekend ever.

Long story short, it was an amazing birthday. We took pictures, ate dinner, and basically, the same as all my previous birthdays: The best part was being with the people I cared about. How I celebrated it wasn't nearly as important as who I got to celebrate it with. Including those I didn't even expect was going to be there.

It was a long day, but I had so much to be thankful for. I didn't look forward to it that much, but as my birthday was coming to an end, I just wanted to repeat it over and over again. I've had an amazing year and I can't wait to see what my 17th year brings (hopefully a driver's license soon, though.) I was beyond happy, and I went home that night knowing that all the best things that could possibly ever happen on my birthday, did. 

This was a long post but I hope you guys liked seeing it. I'll be writing again soon.
Have a great rest of the week!