Hello, May! 

(Technically May happened 10 days ago but I'm still just very glad that it's May, so... Anyway.)

It's been a whole month since I last posted anything because lately, I haven't got around to really constructing a post that I found inspiring. I would literally skim through a bunch of different websites and just stare at my blog and still- nothing. But then, I realised I've never written anything on my blog that focused on home decor or interiors or anything like that, and judging from the last time I was at Ikea, it turns out that these things seemed to fascinate me.

I started thinking about how I'll be leaving for uni next year (let's not talk more about that) and that means I'll be picking out an apartment, and I'll be moving in it, and I'll be living alone for the next 3 to 4 years. Maybe more if I end up finding a job there (I really hope I do!). I thought about the freedom of choosing my own furniture and managing my apartment the way I'd like it. So my mind drifted to those really gorgeous bedrooms I see everyday on Tumblr and Pinterest. I decided to compile a list of the types of bedrooms that I'd normally fall in love with.

1. Minimalist Bedrooms

Realistically, I consider myself the very opposite of a minimalist. I'm still trying to become more of a minimalist with how I live, sure, but judging from the mess that is my bedroom now, I might as well be called a maximalist. I keep everything, put everything everywhere, it's honestly sickening.

One day, I'm fully determined to live a minimalist lifestyle, and my bedroom should definitely show it. I always find myself falling head over heels in love with clean, white bedrooms with only a small number of furniture. Give it a bed, a nice bedside table, a drawer and a full-length mirror, and that's it! Maybe even a small bedside table. The idea is to spare as much room as possible, on the floor and on the walls.

I like the idea of having a really simple bed but with a bunch of pillows and really comfortable covers on it. I also like the idea of sunlight streaming in and giving wayy to a crisp, light feeling. If I had this type of bedroom, I'd probably stop my habit of being a hoarder and just fall in love with it entirely.

2. Wall Murals

Okay, for real though, this is one of the coolest ideas to ever surface when it comes to interiors: Murals! I am so awestruck by these wall murals I would literally die if I ever witnessed one in person. Pictured above are some gorgeous examples of what it'd look like if your bedroom wall displayed a wide display of a landscape, or just art in general. Not only is it astonishingly beautiful, but it gives your room depth.

The only problem that could come from this is that it may not look entirely peaceful to sleep in. When it comes to bedrooms, plain walls are usually my thing because it just gives a sense of safety that surrounds my bed instead of being overwhelmed by wallpaper patterns or anything. But I can't help it. A mural would look hella rad too, you guys.

3. Brick Walls

The third and final type of bedroom I'd love? One that has brick walls. Oh my God, I would literally die. (Is it embarrassing that I fangirl so much over pretty bedrooms? Perhaps.)

When I see brick walls, I instantly love them. I don't know how to describe it, but I seem to feel that it gives sort of a New-York-vibe to it. I don't know. Brick comes in many different forms and colours, but my favourite includes the normal type (colours that range from mixes of light brown and red) and white (because wow, who would not love white brick you guys).

If bedrooms were people, a touch of brick would be the thing that keeps them grounded. It's subtle but completely changes the entirety of the room's atmosphere. I can't explain this much further. I just love it, I do.


There you have it, my first ever interior-inspired post! I have very little to no knowledge about how interiors work (as you can probably tell) but I hope you liked this little inspiration post I put together.

I'll write again soon.