Have you ever thought that maybe, as a girl, you're not living up to other people's expectations of you? Ever wondered why you never fit the mold that society has created for the female population in general? Ever felt like your life didn't make much sense because you were living it differently than how people expect you to? 

Well, nothing to worry! For this post, I constructed a list of seven steps on how to become a proper lady. Being a woman comes with plenty of requirements, so if you don't follow these, it's not acceptable to consider yourself as a proper lady at all. :)
  1. Wear clothes that hide every inch of your skin. As females, we do have an advantage when it comes to fashion. But as a lady, you must not reveal any skin that men might find "distracting". Play along to the dress code, even if it means you can't wear tank tops because your shoulders are too distracting for other people. :) You must cover everything. Because if you dress the way you want and a guy takes advantage of you or tries to assault you in any way, that's totally your outfit's fault. Even if you weren't wearing a small short dress. If you were wearing jeans and a man still found you appealing and tried to rape you, people will think it's because of what you were wearing, then they will completely ignore the man's lack of moral values and it'll still partly be your fault. :)
  2. Get married and have kids! (Or at least plan to.) If you have no plans on getting married or having kids of your own, then how dare you call yourself a woman? We were obviously made to be mothers, so God forbid you even think about not getting married or having children. It's your ~*purpose*~. You must also be excellent at cooking. Don't call yourself a woman if you can't cook properly! :)
  3. Be nice and accepting all the time. No matter how many men catcall you while you're walking down the street, as a lady, that's just something you have to accept. Don't lash out, just be okay with people whistling at you and randomly calling you names and checking out your body like it's a totally normal thing to happen! :) You should also be flattered every time someone compliments you, even when you know it's because they're trying to hit on you like you're nothing. Also, you must always be gentle. Never raise your voice and never speak for yourself.  Rather, be reserved at all times. Always let them have the last word. Women aren't supposed to be bossy or dominant in any way
  4. Don't get a job! Well you can get a job, but not a hard one because gosh, you're a woman! In relation to what I said earlier, women weren't made to be the boss in anything! It's better for ladies to stay at home, cook the meals, take care of the children, and let their men do all the work. Being independent is so naive and unnecessary. Just find a husband who will provide for you! But of course, if you still need to find a job, then stick to the simple ones. Stuff like engineering and mechanics are just way out of our league.
  5. You're not supposed to have a muscular or athletic body. Oh come on, ladies, stay slim! You have to know that in today's society, you either should have really great curves or a really tall slender figure. Muscular bodies just don't work for women. Society doesn't want us to look strong, but to look desirable! :) Women with too much muscle tend to "scare people away". So remember, keep it petite.
  6. Avoid driving. Leave it to men! We're women and you know what that means? We're horrible drivers! So just stop doing it and leave it to the guys, because if you make a small mistake on the road, people are simply going to conclude that it's because you're a woman, not because you're a normal human being who is allowed to make a few errors. :) 
  7. Stop complaining about the wage gap! Men already have it sooooo much harder, you guys. Can you imagine having to provide for his family? Even though you have a family, it's obvious that your role is to stay at home and do all the motherly chores you were supposed to do, so you never needed a reasonable pay check anyway, right? So what if you only make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes? Just settle and deal with it!
And that's all for today. I do hope this can remind you all that as ladies, things like "powerful" or "independent" just don't fit into our vocabulary. It's just not supposed to work that way.


Disclaimer: Okay, okay, okay. In case you didn't know, I am full-on joking about this. This post is me totally speaking against my own personal beliefs on where women stand in society today, I just wanted to try to speak of something with the dry humour and sarcasm I seem to speak fluently in. The purpose of this was mainly to poke at the many stereotypes set upon women these days. As a feminist, it's about time to realize that these standards are getting old.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you and read what you have to say!

See you around.