Hello, everyone!

I'm finally back to my regular blog post schedule (after my hiatus for this past week) and today, as always, I'll be giving you my monthly list of the things I loved in the month of May! I just finished my finals week, so I'm very glad that I can finally catch up on my blogging. 

So many great things happened in May, and although this month was, in some ways, tougher than others, I'm happy that I managed to push through. I always love coming up with these favourites posts simply because it's so fun to go through the month writing everything down the minute I start liking it, and then compiling all those things into one. It's like keeping track of the things that made you happy for the whole month.

  • Philadelphia by Parachute - I've had this song for a while, and if you're one of those people who sometimes get very desperate-romantic-ish and sentimental with a soft spot for slow, sweet, lovely songs, this is for you.
  • Dear No One by Tori Kelly - I'd just discovered Tori Kelly through YouTube because of my love for Pentatonix whose members hang out with her from time to time, and I actually really love her personality. I'm not entirely fond of her high-pitched voice, but this song is actually an accurate representation of my entire life ever and it's great.
  • Night Changes by One Direction - A good friend of mine is a fantastic singer and a while ago, she sang this song on one of our school's events, acoustically, and she posted a cover on Soundcloud, and sure enough, I fell in love with the song. I also adore the music video for this because it's so heartwarming and beautiful and just a dream.
  • No Other Name by Hillsong Worship - Hillsong Worship's album, No Other Name, is basically an amazing album in itself. But recently, I'd just started listening to the actual song titled "No Other Name" from the album, and I completely became awestruck. It's just that incredible.
  • Embers by Hillsong Young & Free - This is also a very empowering, beautiful worship song by Hillsong. The thing that makes me love it so much would be the lyrics, because they're so amazingly written. I've been listening to it non-stop every day.
  • Anna Sun by Walk The Moon - I mentioned Walk The Moon in my previous favourites post because I only discovered them last month and they, indeed, rock. Lately, I've been stuck, however, with this song from their album. It's absolutely brilliant, and revolutionary. I feel like this song should get a lot more recognition.
  • Pop Danthology 2014 by Daniel Kim - This is a mash-up that I found out about a while ago on YouTube, and only last week, I kind of found my way back to it, and yep, it stuck. It's absolutely amazing in my opinion. This 2014 hits mash-up is just, a sick beat. So much so, that I ended up downloading its MP3 version and now, I've memorised it.
  • Kanye by Chainsmokers ft. Siren - I discovered this song from Pop Danthology because it was one of the songs used, and I'm absolutely thrilled that I did. This song is so so so fun to listen to, and I also adore the music video. It's pretty old, I know, but I love it to death.


  • A new Bershka sweater - I am very much in love with the print on this sweater and also its really lovely colours. My mom got it for me on her trip out of town, and it was delightful. It has tassels at the bottom part as well, which I think makes the piece a bit more fun.
  • Black leggings - Obviously, you can never go wrong with a pair of good black leggings. And let me just inform you that I've been wearing my pair of black leggings non-stop this month. I'm confident that this will continue on until the end of time. Most definitely.
  • My aztec print leggings - If you saw my Christmas post last year, you'll see that I mentioned how my aunt got me these pair of leggings from The Executive. I gotta tell you, I've been admiring it so much lately. The fabric really is like no other, and the pattern on it suits me quite nicely. I totally enjoy wearing it out and about.

  • Post-its - Strangely, I have slowly developed an obsession for post-its. They're brilliant, of course, and lately, I've been using them for important and non-important matters. I've been sticking them literally everywhere. My wardrobe, my walls, my Moleskine journal, they're just up for my world domination or something.
  • Fitbars - Okay, so I obviously won't miss out the good stuff, and this month's good stuff? Fitbars. They sell these in my country, basically granola bars with bits of white chocolate and fruit inside them. I love them to death and have bought so many this month. And people might assume it's because of an "extreme diet", but I'm not on any extreme diet. Some healthy foods just have very appealing taste.
  • Estee Lauder mascara - This is actually just your basic, simple mascara from Estee Lauder. My mom received it as a gift pack for her purchase, and she didn't want it so she gave it to me. I actually have another mascara aside from this one, but I've kind of been shifting to this one constantly. I really like how subtle it is compared to my other one from Maybelline. It's very nice for when you're not trying to overdo it, you know?
  • My new phone! - And yes! As an early birthday gift, my mom came into my room presenting me with a new iPhone this month. It's only an iPhone 5S, but it's been a total life-saver because my old phone is very close to useless. I'm so glad about this now, especially with the really good camera, useful for better Instagram pictures (because that's obviously the only thing I care about.)
  • Grace Helbig - Lastly, in the month of May, I have been watching Grace Helbig on YouTube for way too many times. I've been so stuck with just going through nearly every video she has. I really love how witty and hilarious she is, and how she keeps it real. I don't usually have my fair share of Youtubers to root for, but Grace has officially won my heart. She's brilliant.
That is all for now, and I truly hope you enjoyed this! And yes, I kind of intentionally left out the quotes section simply because this post was already way too long. I'll make sure to put one up on my June favourites, though! 

So what are some of your May favourites? What do you think of the stuff I listed above? Leave a comment below, and tell me what you think!