I made this list a while ago, and I figured I should just share it. :) Some are pretty basic stuff, but the things you love have a way of defining who you are.

  1. Having my family with me.
  2. My mom. Especially my mom.
  3. Realizing I have a few people I can call my true best friends.
  4. Fangirling (over everything.)
  5. Especially over Taylor Swift.
  6. Clouds, and watching them move slowly across the sky.
  7. STARS.
  8. Hot chocolate.
  9. Good music.
  10. Fashion pieces that look like works of art
  11. Just, food.
  12. When I use a certain pen or pencil and I love it because the tip of it is so comfortable to write with.
  13. Europe. Every inch of Europe.
  14. Being healthy and maintaining that condition, striving to be as fit as I can.
  15. Picturing a perfect scenario of my future.
  16. Having an amazing, all-powerful Savior.
  17. Gorgeous skies.
  18. How wide and beautiful the ocean looks from the shore, and when there's just that line that shows the horizon, and it makes you feel so small.
  19. Browsing for inspiration (Pinterest, Tumblr, you name it.)
  20. Drawing, creating, painting.
  21. Thinking. A lot. About everything.
  22. My awesome bedroom, aka sanctuary.
  23. Horseback riding (it feels very empowering and refreshing.)
  24. Puppies (need I say more?)
  25. The relationship I have with my bed.
  26. Mornings.
  27. Winter coats.
  28. Blogging!
  29. Days when it's just fairly cloudy and the wind's a liiiittle bit breezy but not rainy at all.
  30. Brush strokes.
  31. Avocado juice (with the whole chocolate business.)
  32. Washi tape!
  33. Black and white pictures
  34. Striped clothing (it's just a thing I have.)
  35. Wearing bracelets or hairbands around my wrist 24/7.
  36. Boots!
  37. Starbucks, obviously.
  38. The idea of traveling alone.
  39. Those short quotes that mean a hell lot.
  40. Post-its.
  41. Disney. Everything Disney.
  42. Long sleeved clothing.
  43. Remembering about the previous trips I took to other places.
  44. Forever 21, H&M, Asos, and all those awesome brands.
  45. Outbursts of nature's beauty (in flowers and trees.)
  46. Journals and planners, and writing in them.
  47. Being happily single.
  48. When I make people laugh or smile, or just happy, with my jokes or whatever it is that I'd said or done.
  49. Helping people, being useful, and being a blessing (or at least I hope I've been one.)
  50. The golden hour where the sun is setting and every object seen against the sky turns into a silhouette.
  51. Good hair days.
  52. The sound of orchestras and classical instruments (especially the piano and cello.)
  53. The feeling of soft fabric, and velvet.
  54. Art museums, and just art in general.
  55. Red velvet cake. In all forms. Just, YES.
  56. Singing to myself.
  57. Selfies?
  58. The taste of bread.
  59. The Milky Way.
  60. Having a gorgeous sister whom I can look up to as a role model.
  61. Having a kind and gentleman brother.
  62. Having faith and believing that there's good in everyone, and there's good in this world.
  63. Meeting and socialising and knowing different bloggers through what I do.
  64. Dipping paint into water and watching it slowly immerse itself into the water, dissolving in magnificent shapes.
  65. Brick walls.
  66. Baby animals.
  67. Writing on my hand with a pen, then pretending that it's a tattoo.
  68. Taking good pictures and creating touching videos.
  69. Bonfires.
  70. Going to the mall and window shopping with my family.
  71. Discovering things on YouTube.
  72. Giving and receiving advice.
  73. Nights when the stars become really visible.
  74. Fruits!
  75. When people are just randomly nice (especially strangers.)
  76. Worshipping God.
  77. Being alone in public with just my earphones on.
  78. Italian food.
  79. Perfect movies. Literally SO perfect that they make you ridiculously happy because everything feels perfect and then you feel sad because it's just a movie but still so overwhelmed??
  80. The old TV shows (which they should bring back.)
  81. Walking or running on a long trail.
  82. Christmas lights.
  84. All things related to beauty, skincare, or hair.
  85. Learning about life and about being a better person.
  86. Discovering new information about the world. (Fun fact: On my birthday, June 3rd, 97 years before I was born, the Eiffel Tower was struck by lightning right at the top.)
  87. Reeeaally good books!
  88. Views from airplanes.
  89. Decorating and re-decorating my bedroom.
  90. Sharpies.
  91. Peanut butter. Yes.
  92. Being in hotels.
  93. Pancakes, waffles, and all the good stuff.
  94. When people put their trust in me.
  95. Antique stores.
  96. Salad. It's not a diet thing. It's because I genuinely like salad. 
  97. Rooftops.
  98. Oreos.
  99. Tropical getaways.
  100. How everyone and everything and every place in the world just share the same moon, sky, and stars, and everything on earth is actually just slightly and vaguely but surely connected to one another.
What do you love? :) Leave a comment below. I'd love to hear what you think!

From the girl who loves a lot of things,