About last week, school ended early due to upcoming exams for the senior class. So from there, my mom took me to the mall to visit the annual Basha Market. The Basha Market is basically a market that opens every year with a specific theme, and highlights many businesses ranging from fashion stores, to interiors, and many more. Most of them are actually online brands, but some are based in another city.

The theme this year was "Hyperspace". Personally, I preferred their last year's theme which was more retro and vintage, and that was kind of what I was expecting. But it turns out that they change every year, and so this year the decoration was all modern and sleek and full-on astrology. Although technically, the individual brands didn't really go with the whole hyperspace thing as they kind of showcased their products in their own way with their displays. So, no point in that. 

The Basha Market took place in possibly the largest mall in town. Okay and just to show you how big it actually is:

And the floors practically go all the way east and west. It's just... huge. So the Basha Market was located in the convention center which is at the top of the whole mall itself. It was quite crowded because this is an event a lot of people look forward to. I went with my mom, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my little cutie pie nephew named Edward.

We made a quick stop at Giordano Ladies, then went into the market. Once you come in, they give you this sticker that labels "Human", which I thought was cute. I took so many pictures that I just kind of thought that it would be best to just show you all of them instead of writing long paragraphs (because that would take forever), so enjoy!

Left: A store that sells the trendiest T-shirts for the hottest bargains!
Right: A jewellery collection, displayed in the neatest and loveliest way possible. The line was called "We Are the People".

This might just be my favourite and most adorable display ever in the whole market. The store mostly sold these vintage and ethnic clothes, which was extra fascinating.
There was a store called "Kollage" which had the most stunning pieces of jewellery. Their booth was also very vintage and gorgeous.

These are only some of the necklaces they sold. A few caught my eye but apparently, the stuff they were selling (including these little necklaces) were very pricey, and not worth the tag at all.

And their booth actually also had these original Olivia Burton watches for sale as well. I've never heard of Olivia Burton, but I think these might just be the most gorgeous watches I've ever seen in my entire life. I was so in love with so many of them, but my mom told me that it would be better to buy them from the website directly as opposed to a Basha market booth.
Now, this part, I was thrilled about. So there was a corner in the middle of the market featuring some great and modern illustrators and artists. Their works were displayed on canvas along with the descriptions. I found them absolutely stunning.
The two above (the bones and the stars) are easily my favourite pieces. I really love the authenticity of the first one with the bones. How real and perfectly constructed it is, as well as how it has a certain depth to it. The second one is just gorgeous. The illustrator mentioned (as if it wasn't obvious enough) that he got the inspiration from Van Gogh's Starry Night for this piece. It looks so amazing and fascinating to me. (And in the bottom, in case you couldn't see it, the translation reads: There is no easy way from the Earth to the Stars.) 
Left: There was one store that sold kids' clothing and oh wow, these are too cute. It looks perfect for spring time, the colours are so lovely, and guys, those are crop tops. I normally wouldn't agree on letting a child out with a crop top on, but I had to say these were adorable.
Right: I guess they do sell everything.

"Onni" was the name of this store. They seemed to work with plants, flowers, landscaping, and home living, which was pretty interesting. They had the most beautiful roses that I couldn't help but take a picture of.
An antiques store! Ahhh! This store, specifically, was actually so beautiful. They sold these little interior decorations, all in gold and silver. But they also had tiny antiques like the teacups above. I found those teacups so beautiful I just felt like I needed to take one home. Needed.
Some snapshots of the interior stores' displays ("Nagarey Home" and "Wood Pecker".) They had the most brilliant and lovely items, I just adored it.
There were also many stores specialising in leather products, but this one was the one that caught my attention. I loved these bags, and I really adored how they set it up for display. I thought it was quite pretty.
Now Canvas Living is a brand I would totally recommend for you guys to check out. From pencil cases, to binders, passport holders, bags, and just everything in canvas, they have it. Not to mention these amazing prints and patterns, you guys. I ended up getting the one on the right (a passport cover) with the feathers. My passport is going to look so pretty now.
There was a certain area where they sold food, ranging from organic to desserts to tacos and popcorn. As shown above, there was one store that sold smoothies and juices which was quite fascinating. They sounded pretty interesting and healthy, but apparently, a lot of their stuff was out of stock when I got there.
However, these jars of freshly roasted peanut butter? Game. Changers. When I saw their booth, I just knew I had to give it a try because these looked so tempting! They're called "Frolic Kitchen" and allowed for us to taste this peanut butter. Guys, best. Peanut. Butter. Ever. I couldn't even care about the "no cholesterol and preservatives" part of the ad because I was so blown away by how good they tasted. I ended up getting a jar of the Kokoa one, which was a combination of peanuts, chocolate, and sea salt.
I didn't get to dress up for the market because one: You don't have to dress up for a market. And two: I had just finished school. But if you were wondering, I'm just wearing my F21 flannel shirt, with a black tee underneath, a pair of nice Mango jeans, and my go-to Converses.
Last part of the Basha market was this glorious food area. And when I say glorious, I mean it. There were so many different types of food to choose from, that it felt like heaven. You got traditional snacks, then there was pastry, and ice cream, and sandwiches. It was just very pleasurable, you guys. We stopped by at the Uncle Q Bakery booth and got a cruffin (a croissant muffin, who would've guessed?) and a red velvet cupcake (which was practically too large to be called a cupcake). But hey, don't those cinnamon rolls look amazing to you?

So that's all for this extremely long post! I do hope you enjoyed reading (or maybe just scrolling through it). Have there been any flea markets opening near you lately? What do you think of this post? Leave a comment below because I'd love to hear from you!

From the girl who gets fascinated so easily,