Last year, as I have mentioned a few times earlier, my mom and I took a 2-week trip to Europe. We visited France, Holland, Italy, and Germany. Quite recently, I finally managed to gather all the photos I took from the trip and stuff them into my laptop's iPhoto (and it was no easy task, trust me). I decided to share all these travel photos inside my blog so I'm very excited to start sharing my stories from my trip with you guys.

This time, I specifically wanted to show you guys these pictures I took while we were walking along the  Schloßstraße (pronounced: schlossstrasse), a street which I'm quite sure is located around the southwest area of Berlin, Germany. So "Schloßstraße" itself literally translates into "Castle Street". This is actually because the road kind of starts off from the Charlottenburg Palace (I'll write a post for more about this some time later). Basically, it's this really lovely and pretty street lined with mostly houses, flower shops, and antique stores. I totally loved it, it was a peaceful area, really pretty and just a nice atmosphere.

There was this statue of a seemingly heroic man right in front of the Charlottenburg Palace, but I didn't really know much about it. Because we were there alone with no tour guide, and there was no written explanation anywhere near the statue (none that we could read, anyway), so I assumed it was just... there. Like a guard of the castle or something. I felt like it had some quite historic meaning, so I actually found myself standing in front of and staring at him. It felt kind of like a sign of me respecting him for whatever it is that he did.

The houses were actually quite fascinating as well. Like there was this yellow house with a really really nice door. So I took a picture of that. Not creepy. And then in some houses, you would see these little flowers bloom in their front yard. There wasn't any garden of roses or anything like that, but we would frequently see flower pots arranged nicely on the balconies, or sometimes smaller ones would just be sitting there behind the fences.

I found the houses quite pretty, because back at home is really nothing like this. I've always admired Germany for their architecture, and so looking at these buildings were quite fascinating. In the middle picture, you could actually see an old-fashioned, classic looking house right next to a modern, new and minimalistic one.

In my trip to Europe, I was really quite fascinated by all the people around me. I didn't know them but I thought wow, they all have different stories and here I am, kind of jumping into their world for a little bit. 

The picture of that couple, now that was actually a really adorable sight to see. They were actually just standing there, watching their dog kind of play around in the grass. It was really such a nice and simple moment, too lovely not to capture anyway. They didn't notice me taking their picture, but I really tried not to look creepy or stalker-ish while doing it (haha). Really, I did.

And as I mentioned earlier, that's just the picture of the flower shop that was located there. It was called "Blumen" which literally just means "flowers" in German. I passed by this shop and a bunch of other shops down the road and realised that they had the loveliest flowers ever.

I really adored this little sign on one of the flower shops. It was just put up there behind these pots of tiny roses. I thought that was just way too pretty. I really fell in love with all the flowers they had, with all these radiant colours coming to life. It certainly inspired me.

These were just the roads that led to the other directions. Right across the intersection, there was this larger building with a purpose I didn't know of. But anyway, I still really liked looking down the streets ahead as well as looking at the buildings like these. The architecture, the long wide roads, Berlin really had a strong vibe about it. It was cold and cloudy but it really was quite a lovely day.

Have you been to Berlin? How was it for you?
Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear more about it Stay tuned for more.

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