Hey, guys! This is the second post that I got for you guys which is the fourth post in the Sunday Inspiration series!

I've noticed lately that there's this trend going on around fashion bloggers where they wear 70s-inspired outfits along with the items they're wearing. So of course, that calls for bohemian vibes, fringe, boots, and flared pants! I've actually always loved the idea of flared pants but I think these things, right now, are definitely making their comeback. There's just something exclusively classic and wonderful about them, and you can style them with pretty much anything! It carries a huge fashion statement and it's easy to make it look nice!

I think flared pants mostly come in forms of flared jeans. You can find flared jeans in pretty much any store that sells jeans. I mean we all know that skinny jeans are never going out of style, but it's about time we give flared jeans a little chance!

My dos and don'ts for wearing flared pants would probably be:
  • Do make sure there's a perfect colour and pattern combination on your look. Keep things balanced because flares take up a lot of room, therefore attention. It's easy to go a little too far and make your outfit look like it's a little too much, so keep things simple and let the extravagance go to the bottom of your pants.
  • Don't pair it with sneakers. Please, please, never sneakers with these. Or platforms, or wedges. If it's flared jeans, then wear some nice heels or maybe like a really cool pair of boots. If it's other than jeans (so maybe it's like chiffon or something similar) then sandals can still work. Sneakers would make your legs look a little sluggish and frankly, you'll look like one of those teenagers in the 70s who never brush their hair.
  • Don't over-accessorize. In relation to number one, you don't want to go for too much. A simple handbag or clutch will do just fine. A nice hat would be cool also! But try to go light on things like necklaces and bracelets, the noticeable stuff.
  • Do give it a try and go for a high-waisted look. Maybe buy a nice pair of high-waisted jeans, which you can style with a really nice white shirt or blouse. You know, you might as well emphasize on the pants, so why not? And it'll certainly make your legs look extra longer.
  • Don't wear it with an oversized poncho or kimono or anything similar. In terms of the silhouettes, a poncho or a kimono will definitely be very eye-catching and it will extremely steal some attention. To go big at the top, and big at the bottom would be too dramatic. If you do want to wear flares but you also need layers, go for a neat blazer or a simple cardigan.
What do you think of flared pants? Do you own a pair? How do you like to wear them?
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