1. You don't have to explain yourself to everyone all the time. If you have an insanely good idea, and you're willing to push forward with faith in yourself, then why not?
  2. Never tell someone they should go on a diet. Never point out someone's acne or whatever physical flaw. Never tell someone they should lose weight, or gain weight. They know. They have inspected every inch of themselves in front of the mirror countless times. They see their flaws clearly and at some point, it hurt them. They do not need you to emphasize on that.
  3. Do not bite your nails. Don't ever skip any medicine. Don't leave your skin dry. Wash your face twice daily, take good care of your skin, and indulge in showers. Drink lots of water and eat well. Buy that Body Shop product if you need it. Your body does need love and affection.
  4. Exercise, eat clean, but don't just do it to "get skinny". You need a healthy body to live in. It is better to be strong, it is always better. A beautiful soul needs a sturdy vessel.
  5. It's okay if you don't like reading. It's okay if you don't play instruments, and it's okay if you're not athletic. It's okay if you're not artistic. It's okay if math isn't your strong point. It's okay to find school tiring. You are human nonetheless. Never apologize for your feelings, and never think you're less of a person just because you don't have it all together.
  6. Honestly, don't let anyone tell you you must or must not do something because "you're a girl." Honey, if anyone tells you that, just give them hell. Never let someone tell you you're weak. Your gender should not become a limitation.
  7. If you're looking for a soulmate, it's gonna take a lot more than a "cute face" and a "sense of humour". There are men to trust, and there are men to avoid. Be wise with your decisions. It's easy to get caught up in love, but please don't ever lose yourself. Don't waste your time being with the guy you know won't even last in your life.
  8. Rest is okay. Watching too many TV shows or spending a whole day in bed, ordering food instead of cooking is okay. Just remember that time is a valuable thing that needs some managing. But if a pillow is your best friend, and you want to spend an hour in the bathroom just for doing your nails, then hell, who's gonna stop you? Make yourself happy. Be at home with yourself.

So ladies, I certainly hope these little friendly reminders from me brought a nice impact on your day and on your way of thinking. I hope reading through this list made you feel better the same way it makes me feel better from time to time. I've kept this list with me for quite a long time now, so I thought it was about time to finally share this with you, especially with Women's Day taking place. I hope it has made you smile and it has given you a little more comfort.

Also, I wanted to let you guys in on a little update: My school just held a one-week trip to a local village just a few hours outside of town, so I'm terribly sorry for the lack of posts! No cellphones allowed, and I did actually schedule some posts, but apparently something must have went wrong because they didn't show. :( But anyway, I hope you have an awesome week!

What did you think of this list? Do leave a comment below!