Hello, everyone!

In celebration of my mother's 44th birthday last week on March 5th, I have decided to provide you with a fun list of 44 things about my mother. I really adore my mom and because I lost my dad, often times, I feel like she's the only one I have in this world. She's extremely special to me obviously, and as a mother, she's taught me so much. Over the course of me growing up, we've become a lot closer. She's really becoming more and more of a best friend to me, and I love her so much. I've thought long and hard to fill this  list (even started interviewing here and there) so I hope you find this quite interesting!
  1. She has a big sister and a little sister, so she's the middle child in her family.
  2. She's always had short hair ever since I was born and has never been interested in growing it back.
  3. She owns an arts & crafts store (I wrote a bit about it on this post).
  4. She sometimes wears reading glasses now.
  5. She was very naughty when she was younger.
  6. In reference to number 5, she liked riding her friends'  motorcycles without her parents' permission.
  7. Also regarding number 5, she once waited for a cuckoo clock to start cuckooing and when it didn't, she opened it up forcefully and pulled the wooden bird out herself. She was only a child when she did this.
  8. She has a pretty nice taste in fashion. She dresses stylishly, yet modestly.
  9. She's the ultimate Audrey Hepburn fangirl.
  10. She loves big pieces of jewellery. She always looks for the boldest necklaces, or the most extravagant earrings. Although, she always wears them with simple clothing.
  11. She has an excessive amount of shoes and handbags. (Notice how I said "amount" instead of "number", because you know what that means? Uncountable.)
  12. She's had 3 kids (and I'm the youngest).
  13. She was always a popular girl in school. She had fair skin, she was always a lot taller than her friends, and she was (and is) pretty. A lot of boys liked her, and a lot of girls either wanted to be her best friend, or they just wanted to be her. This information came from her high school friend.
  14. She's still pretty tall now.
  15. She's worked in several companies and held several jobs. She's a true hard worker. She's earned everything that she has right now.
  16. Her favorite type of car is the Range Rover. 
  17. She still dreams of having one.
  18. Her shoe size exceeds every other girl in our family.
  19. This year, she's officially become a grandma.
  20. About last year, my mother had to endure some pain because there was a problem with her backbone. It seemed that her spine kind of shifted to a wrong direction due to too much pressure put on it (like spending all day sitting in her office), and it kind of pressed down on one of the nerve systems located near her spine. She ended up having to take Pilates intensively , and she also had to go swimming quite frequently. Now, things are okay. But she still can't stand still for too long, or pick up (or carry) objects or luggage that are too heavy, or wear heels that are too high.
  21. She loves Europe, especially Paris. She travels there once a year every year for a family business meeting.
  22. Leopard prints make her cringe.
  23. She enjoys wearing shorts and sneakers.
  24. She once wore an impermanent tattoo (of a feather) on the back of her neck.
  25. And one of a butterfly on the back of her shoulder (which led to skin allergies and just a horrible rash).
  26. She has the smoothest skin, like ever. She takes such good care of her body, but her skin is still quite sensitive.
  27. She's written a book and it's now on its way to being published (yay!)
  28. She has an unhealthy obsession for vintage objects, decorations, furnishes, and antiques.
  29. Ribbon embroidery is just, her thing. Really.
  30. She adores batik (it's a type of pattern that originated from my country, it's usually found on fabric and pieces of clothing)
  31. She could be quite a big spender! (Hence, number 11.)
  32. She loves binge watching. I'm talking Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, Revenge, The Mentalist, Chicago Fire, Dexter, and more. This happens because right now, the only work she's ever doing is with her store. She could come in whenever she pleases. I know. I'm jealous too.
  33. She drinks coffee and eats bread every morning.
  34. She loves her kids more than anything.
  35. Her favourite flower is the white rose.
  36. She does not play any musical instrument.
  37. She loves mystery. Mystery games on her iPad, mystery novels, just about everything. She's got a whole shelf filled with Sidney Sheldon, Mary Higgins Clark, and more.
  38. She's a total fan of Pinterest apparently!
  39. The sight of red velvet makes her cringe (what??) and yep, it's because she does not enjoy seeing food that doesn't have an original or real colour. The different colour just makes her not want to eat it. This also goes for the rainbow cake but, come on, who likes that anyway?
  40. She lost both of her front teeth (I'm talking about the real, grown-up, permanent ones) when she was younger. The ones sitting in her mouth now are synthetic.
  41. She likes to buy us things we don't ask for.
  42. She gives amazing life advice. She writes, so she has a very deep understanding of life. She's one hell of a strong Christian woman.
  43. She makes awesome tater tots.
  44. She's literally the best mom I could ever ask for. If I were born again and got to choose which mom I had, I'd still pick her over anyone.

That's all for this post! What are some facts you could list about your mom? Mention a few below, I'd love to read them! I can't wait to share with you more stuff in the future, so stay tuned!