Last week, I spent a pretty great Valentine's Day surrounded by many people I love. It was a Saturday so it turned out pretty great because school didn't really get in the way. I had such a great day and so these are several moments that I wanted to highlight and share on this post.

  1. In the student body council, I work in the division where we run the school's social media accounts and basically become the school's PR. One of our ideas was to set up a news centre by the entrance because there wasn't any at that time. We finally got the school to put up a soft board and so there, we put up articles that we typed in and prepared for the students to see. This month, it was themed (obviously) Valentine's Day. At the right side of the board, we set up this section where the students can literally pull out a post-it note, and write down about what they think love is. It became a big deal to them and after about a week, the section of the board was 100% filled with post-it notes and we eventually ran out of post-its! We had some great responses. Some students wrote down their names, some wrote down quotes, some wrote down jokes. Basically, it was cool to finally see the students interact with us and tell us what they think through what my friend and I had made!
  2. One of the best parts of this year's Valentine's Day was definitely spending time in one of my best friends' houses and joining in a wonderful sleepover with my best friends. Fun fact: There's 13 of us. Even though only 8 of us got to sleep over because the other 5 weren't allowed, we still had so much fun. We played charades, truth or dare, ordered pizza and hot wings (which came to the house nearly 2 hours after we made the call), watched a late night movie, and had such a blast. The picture above is actually this type of Chinese buns called Mantou. Basically, they're super soft and yummy and had chocolate fillings and wow, just try it when you can, guys
  3. Also one of the highlights of my Valentine's Day was definitely when some of my friends from church decided to hold an event where we visit a local orphanage and spread love to little kids. So this time, one of our mentors wanted me to be in charge of the whole event, so I took care of a lot of the things that went down and it was basically a lot of fun seeing these kids smile and laugh. It wasn't an orphanage, but it was actually a small place that my teacher built at her home made for the local kids who weren't getting enough education. They came to this place to read, to learn, and to have fun. It was packed with so many kids running around, and it also had tons of books on the shelves and pictures on the walls. We donated stuff like colouring materials and story books, but we also came in and played games, made some crafts, and did a cooking class with these children. We taught them how to colour, how to write, how to be creative, and it was basically such an amazing experience. I always love the idea of giving and helping those in need, so making these kids happy certainly made me happy as well.
  4. When I got to school on Monday, one of my classmates named Grace gave me this! It was literally the sweetest thing. So it turns out that Grace made these heart-shaped cookies with customized icing for every girl in our class as well as some of her closest buddies. The icing was simple yet so pretty and the cookie was delicious. Her mom actually runs a patisserie, or something similar, and so Grace likes to bake in her spare time. She made and decorated each cookie by herself with no help from her mom, so I totally appreciated this and it was so nice of her. Last year, we also shared the same class and she made us chocolate shaped like the Eiffel Tower, and she put our names on it as well. I received a bunch of chocolate from many different people in school which was quite lovely, and for 3 of my closest best friends, I got each of them a chocolate bar and a Bath & Body Works product, wrapped together with a red bow and attached a love letter written for each of them as well.
  5. On Valentine's Day, I kind of still wanted to not ruin my diet (although I kind of did for a while there) so I had this salad for dinner at a local restaurant just about 5 minutes from home. I only ordered this with a glass of water because I really didn't want to start gaining back the weight I successfully lost (*cough*, 5 pounds) and it is probably the best Caesar's Salad that we have around here. I had dinner with one of my girlfriends and we talked and shared about so many things. I found myself actually venting to her about so many things that I never thought I would share with anyone. It was definitely a great evening and we only spent about an hour or more, but we joked and had fun and basically, I felt like being single was definitely okay for me.
So overall, my Valentine's Day wasn't spent with "a special someone" or a significant other, but I still had such a wonderful day. I experienced love and happiness from so many different people and places, and made wonderful memories along with my family and friends. This year, we also have my baby nephew who is currently staying at our place along with my sister and brother-in-law until they can finally sort things out and move back to their apartment. That has added so much happiness to my days and I can't wait to experience even more spectacular moments this year.

Compared to last year's Valentine's Day, I must admit, this year felt a lot different. So much has happened and so much has changed since, but I'm still very grateful for all the people and the things I have in my life right now. And no grandma, I simply do not have room for a boyfriend at the moment.

How did you spend your Valentine's Day? I'd love to hear all about it. Leave a comment below!