Hey, everyone!

I am so so so excited to make a post about this little (little, unexpectedly perfect) update. My sister finally gave birth! So my sister has been pregnant for 9 months which is actually already a pretty surreal thing to experience. It's crazy because I still remember the night of her wedding, and the day of her graduation, and the days where she left early for campus, and the night of her 17th birthday party. It certainly feels like things have been going fast forward, and this is definitely the peak of it all.

On January 29th 2015, in a rainy and cold evening, my sister finally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. His name is Edward Geoffrey Valentio (Valentio being the last name of his dad). Edward has my sister's eyes, and my brother-in-law's nose and mouth. He was born with absolutely perfect and fair skin, and even though it was painful (said my sister), the whole process happened in less than a minute, which is really fast for someone who's going into labor. Edward is 51 centimetres in height and 3.2 kilograms in weight.

I am absolutely obsessed with how big his eyes are and how chubby his cheeks are. I feel like I could squeeze this little guy.

The story is, when I got out of class in school, I checked my phone and saw a text from my mom. She informed me that my sister had shown signs and was then already at the hospital waiting patiently for Edward. That was in the afternoon, and my mom told me that they think the baby's coming either that night or the morning after. I was already very excited about that, and the whole news left me anxious. I asked my mom if I could skip my extra classes to come to the hospital, but she later told me I shouldn't. The streets were much too crowded and busy (the hospital was a long way from my school) and I still needed my extra classes. So after I finished my classes, I went back home, still hoping to find some sort of way that I could go to the hospital to be there for my sister. 

On my way home, I received a call from my mom. The baby was born.
I cried when I received the news. I don't know why, but I did! I was already so anxious about visiting, just so I could be ready for him, but it turns out: Edward had no time to waste. After the call, my step siblings and I also had no time to waste so we took everything we could and went straight for the hospital. That evening, it was love at first sight.

The cool part was how my brother-in-law was nearly late to the whole process. It was crazy, but apparently, it all happened a little too quickly (and it did happen very fast). He still had work that day, so it was a bit of a challenge when he had to rush to the hospital and be there for his wife who was probably going to go into labor in a matter of hours. When she started crying and shouting, saying the baby was coming, he was even more flustered. As the baby was coming, my brother-in-law was still stuck in traffic. Stuck in the crowded and much too busy streets. I couldn't imagine what it was like for him. But anyway, by God's grace, he finally made it just in time to help deliver his first baby boy into this world. There was a drop-off area in front of the entrance, which also serves as a way for the cars to go into the parking lot. He, as you might have guessed, had no time to waste. He was about to miss the birth of his first child, for crying out loud! And so, my brother-in-law drove the car into the area, and literally got out of his car, that he left at the drop-off area, and ran inside to be with his family. A few minutes after he got into the room, the baby came out. It was like Edward didn't want his dad to miss it.

I am incredibly thankful for this amazing thing that's happened in our family. We are basically a broken home, but we are happy and content with how we are. Having a new addition to our family just serves as the perfect reason to be even more happy together now. We are welcoming Edward with open arms, and with love. Sometimes, things happen so quick (like Edward's birth), even good things, that you feel like you barely have any time to figure out how you feel about it. But in the end, you realize that you have all the time you need.

Right now, Edward has 3 uncles and 2 aunts inside our Modern-day Brady Bunch family. I'm absolutely excited to see my sister become a mom, my brother-in-law become a dad, and the both of them building this new family that will later bring a good impact on the people they meet. I am so thankful to God, of course, for the health of this newborn baby. Edward could not be more beautiful, and I'm so glad that it was a successful operation, and that my sister is also in a pretty good shape. I am, however, praying for my mom to recover, because she is obviously very exhausted from being in the hospital through the whole thing. Waiting, my sister going into labor, and then more waiting.

Overall, this is all (literally) just the beginning. I'm excited to see what God has in store for our family. I'm thinking breakthroughs and miracles, and more beautiful and memorable happenings.

How about you? Do you have a relative that's expecting, or is there a recent addition to your family? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you guys for being incredibly patient. Stay tuned for more updates and posts!

From the 15-year-old-aunt,