Hello, fellow earthlings!
So November is coming to an end, and I can't say I'm not devastated. Of course, November has been a pretty rough and unexpected month for me personally, but I'm mostly just surprised on how fast time goes (didn't I have that New Year's Eve gathering last week?). I don't know why I feel like life treats us all like a time-bomb, and we never know where it ends. They say that the older we get, the faster our life goes by, because there's a pure mathematical and logical reason. They say it's because a year to a 4-year-old is a quarter of his life. But, to a 30-year-old, it is a thirtieth of his life, therefore it holds the same amount but on a totally different ratio, and so on. Basically, everything is the same, but to each person, it never is. Pure insanity!
But anyway, that's not what I made this post for. I've always found movies very interesting and I watch them in the theatres really often with my friends and family. And so, I decided to list only five films that I've watched recently and I'm going to write whether I liked them or not, and why. Of course, mild spoiler alert for these movies but I'll be respectful!

1. Big Hero 6

Who didn't love this movie? A lot of things can be said about this movie, but to cut it short: Well done, Disney! A little bit about this movie, it is basically about this young boy named Hiro Hamada who has a brother named Tadashi Hamada (who is, by the way, very attractive and caring and charming and intelligent and I may or may not have developed a big crush on him even though he's an animated character). Anyway, Hiro is this science genius, high school graduate before even getting a driver's license child prodigy. He and his brother share the same love for science, and in his brother's lab, Tadashi introduces Hiro to this giant robot named Baymax. A personal healthcare companion. Very adorable, very big, perfectly engineered robot in a form of a.... balloon. Long story short, Tadashi dies at the beginning of the movie (WHICH MADE ME VERY FRUSTRATED) and Hiro is left to mourn with this giant robot in his hands. After that, Hiro and Baymax get together with Tadashi's friends and they become this great superhero team of 6. Hence, the title, Big Hero 6.

I loved the movie. I found it hilarious, but at the same time it says a lot about friendship and teamwork and family. The animations were not as good as most of the other Disney films like Frozen (in my opinion), but I guess it's difficult to compare it to a film that was such a big success with such astounding animations. One of the things that really impressed me was how Disney managed to create this new character, Baymax, another Disney character so unexplainably loveable and heartwarming. I don't know how the animators or the designers do it, making characters like Olaf from Frozen or Pascal from Tangled. It must take serious work and creativity to construct every bit of a character's face to make it look so perfectly adorable. 

The plot was cool, but of course it was very predictable that the guy in the mask wasn't the guy they thought. And actually, what I really found inconvenient was the serious amount of Japanese elements. I have nothing against Japan or Tokyo, but they couldn't have picked a better name than "San Fransokyo"? The idea of putting together both cities was pretty good, but "GoGo Tamago", "Honey Lemon", and "Wasabi" are just not acceptable. What I once expected from a Disney movie turned to feel a lot like names from a show in Cartoon Network. I get that it's a children's film, but Disney should've done better than that. I feel like, with all the silly names, Disney was kind of confused on who their target market actually is. It made me feel silly watching the movie, frankly.
But overall, I give it a 9! It wasn't that disappointing, and it's still a really cute movie.

2. The Judge

Ahhh, Robert Downey Jr. is at it again. So this movie shows Robert playing a role as a lawyer situated in a big city with an unhappy marriage but a love for his child. The same with practically every role he plays, Hank Palmer is a lawyer of charm, wit, and audacity. A know-it-all with an excessive usage of fancy words and an intolerable amount of confidence. The movie starts with his mother's passing which led to him going to his hometown (a small town in Indiana), and there he reunites with his brothers and his father. His father, a highly respected judge in the area, was then accused of murder. There, Hank insists on becoming his father's lawyer, and so he fights to prove that his father is innocent, and in the process, fights countless times with his father as they are both quite unpleasant to each other.

I admired the movie's camera work a lot. I don't know why, but I guess it's the photographer/videographer in me. Most of their shots were taken really well, unlike any other movies I've seen. It made the movie come out a little more lively than how it would've been. Anyway, I liked the movie. It was really touching, and my heart eventually broke into a million pieces. But I hate how his family treats his younger brother. Everytime I look at Dale's face I just feel so sorry for him, and then of course, out of rage, there was one point where his father kicked out his film gear and shattered it on the floor. And nobody cared about him. This is silly, but I feel like he should've gotten a little more attention in the film, because when his projector broke, it literally broke my heart. The film spoke a lot about justice, but I feel like that's the biggest injustice that I saw in it.

The movie was still great, overall. And I hope it wins at least one award, because it was truly phenomenal to watch.

3. Mockingjay Part 1


And yes, that was my hardcore-Tribute-fangirl side coming out from every part of me. The movie was absolutely incredible. At some points, yes, I agree that it was mildly bland but that's what Mockingjay was like, even when I read the book. It is supposed to be a little different, not as exciting as the first two books because it talks of wars, not games. I've heard that this movie was the least successful out of the whole series, but I think it's because people didn't know what to expect. If they'd actually read the book, they would've enjoyed it just as much.

So, in this film, Katniss finds herself situated in District 13 which was now operating in this underground level. Everyone is either military or doctors. And so, President Coin and Plutarch Havensbee gives her the authority to become the Mockingjay. The face of the rebellion against the Capitol. Katniss is exposed to the ruins of District 12, filled with skeletons lying on the ground in front of her. She meets Cressida, Castor, and Pollux, the film crew. She goes into war in District 8, and witnesses all the injured and the fallen. The movie then shows the uprising happening from different districts. Until near the end, soldiers from District 13 flew into the Capitol and extracted the captured victors: Johanna Mason, Annie Cresta, and Peeta Mellark. After that, they find that Peeta was in terrible, terrible shape, and that he was hijacked by the Capitol, brainwashed to think that Katniss was the real enemy.

I adored the movie a lot, and it made me feel every type of emotion. I think they made a great selection in casting Pollux, because I was actually really touched when Katniss started talking to him. He had such a kind face, and him being an ex-Avox just made the whole situation really sad. The rebellions in the different districts were amazing to watch as well, because there were just so many sacrifices made in the process, and I think the movie captured it very well. Jennifer Lawrence's acting was astounding, as always. I'm so proud of her. Elizabeth Banks also did a really good job, and I think the movie has a fair amount of Hayffie which is nice. Overall, aside from it being less thrilling than the others, it's still a very good movie!

4. If I Stay

Chloe Grace Moretz starred in this movie called "If I Stay", which is about a girl with this amazing musical talent. Born into a decent but loving family, and her life goes on as she applies for Juilliard and dates this rocker guy in her school named Adam. Typical high school girl living her life, until she and her family gets into a terrible accident. She then wakes up as a ghost searching for answers, and it turns out that if she were to live, she'd be an orphan. The passing of her entire family started tearing her apart, and basically the movie shows us glimpses of her life before.

A lot of things could be said about this movie. It displayed a very romantic and strong relationship between her and her rocker boyfriend (who also, by the way, totally impressed her family). It seemed like she had a nearly perfect life. She plays the cello, which was amazing to me. But it's still not the type of movie that I would want to watch over and over again after the first time. It was great, but not all that. The plot was different and interesting, and yes I did cry a lot while watching it, but I think the boyfriend took a little too much space in the whole movie.

And in the end, when Mia Hall is given the decision on whether she wants to live or die, she chooses to live. Mainly, it was to live because of Adam and the rest of her family and friends, but I feel like the movie highlighted too much of Adam in Mia's life. She had a pretty amazing best friend, but their friendship was kind of set aside compared to the romance aspect of the movie. I also secretly wanted Mia to go instead of stay. I kind of wished for her to decide that she wanted to leave, because her family was no longer there. I wanted to see what would become of Adam, and what would become of her best friend. Adam might write a song about it, and her best friend might find happiness. I think sometimes, movies need more than an ending that people would expect.

5. The Maze Runner

Okay, so this movie was particularly interesting for me because I read the book as well. If you guys didn't know, it's about Thomas who finds himself waking up inside a place called the Glade, filled with other boys about his age. Turns out that they've been stuck there for 3 years, and they're placed right in the middle of this giant maze that they've never solved. And in the maze itself, many dangerous things await such as Grievers, big hideous monsters that either sting or kill you. After that, everything starts to change when Thomas comes in. Long story short, Thomas displays a curiosity never before seen in the other Gladers, which eventually led to him finding a way out along with help from the other Gladers.

The first thing I noticed about the movie? The ruggedly handsome Thomas Sangster. One. Two, I can't help but notice how extremely different the movie is from the actual book. If you did read the book, you'll know that it was very progressive, and the movie went along with the plot very quickly. In the book, Thomas actually takes a tour around the Glade completely. In the movie, we don't even get all the aspects of the Glade. Not even the cafeteria. And that was mildly disappointing. Of course, Chuck dying made my cry, the same as it did in the book. Other than that, we don't get the Runners' headquarters burning to the flames?? Or the part where they actually solve the maze by using codes and shapes they gathered? It wasn't supposed to be this giant hole in the wall too, it was a lot more complicated than that. The Grievers also weren't what I expected. I feel like they looked a little too much like spiders. The movie also did not include "W. I. C. K. E. D.", but they only entered "W. C. K. D." and that kind of spoiled it for me. It's a real shame that the book was very good, and it had such an amazing and twisted plot, meanwhile the movie was nothing like it. But I guess aside from all the things they cut out from the book, they managed to show the strong connection Thomas feels for Chuck, enough to make me cry when Chuck took that shot. There was also no actual building in the Glade, unlike how the book so explicitly described it.

A lot of disappointments in this movie, but I guess it was still decent. Still, of course, diminishing so many things out of such a brilliant book is something I do not find amusing. I give it a 7 out of 10. Go and judge me.

So that's it for my personal movie reviews, and I just decided to post this because I felt like it was important to let my thoughts out like this. I'm a strong movie person with a lot to say generally. I hope you guys enjoyed this, and if you haven't seen these five movies, I honestly think you should! You might agree or disagree with me, but I apologise if any sentence came out a bit harsh to you movie lovers out there. I might seem a little illiterate, but I hope you know it's none of my intention. Comment below on what you think! Have an awesome December!