The Church's centrepiece

Merry Christmas, lovely people! 
So I just decided to take a few pictures on my phone with this super cool colourful LemeCam effect that will kind of show you guys a little compilation of what my Christmas looks like. I didn't cover every part of my Christmas but here are just a few.

They had quite pretty windows and glass art. It was pretty big and crowded.

Okay so the two pictures above are from church. I went to my own church on Christmas Day for the 10 AM service, but for Christmas Eve, I kind of decided to accompany my mom and some of my relatives and go to this Catholic church for their Christmas Eve service. It didn't do much good to me though, because I found that it was a bit too ritual for me and I just wasn't used to any of it. I used to join this Catholic church when I was little, but then I stopped. It's different for everyone, I suppose!

I went super casual for Christmas day because I did not feel like dressing up for the day. I only saw some of my relatives and I went to church with my siblings as well. I think age-appropriate-wise, it's okay if I don't wear a $20 dress just for Christmas.

Took this on the car! Okay so that's basically the top part of my look, ish? I didn't do anything to my hair as well. I just aimed for nice and appropriate this Christmas.

So, I just purchased this sweatshirt several days ago with my mom, and it's already one of the best things I have in my wardrobe. You probably can't tell, but it's so comfortable, it has elbow-length sleeves, and on it is printed the word "MUSE" in red. It's amaze-balls.


Okay the pictures below are from our lunch together earlier today. I was so delightful because we finally spent time, it was all of us, a complete bunch of a family, surrounding one round table. We had a great lunch too, so it was awesome.

Picture: Lunch. Stepsister. Stepfather.

Fun fact, this is my sister and my brother-in-law. They are expecting and the baby (boy) is coming this January!

Picture: Mom and brother. They're just, precious.

Okay and I practically spent the evening blogging and wishing a Merry Christmas to some of my fave bloggers. I have a really gorgeous wallpaper for my laptop too!

And if you're curious, after that, I spent the rest of the night bunking inside the master bedroom with my mom and my stepsister watching this brilliant movie called "The Other Woman". If you haven't watched it, you should.

That's basically all I wanted to share for this post, and I truly hope you enjoyed it. 

I hope you guys had a beautiful Christmas, and I really hope you found all the happiness and love you need. I hope you were surrounded by your loved ones and I hope you did exciting things as well! Wishing you guys a very blessed Christmas and a good year ahead!

So don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin, and up next, I'll be posting about some of my Christmas gifts. I can't wait to post it, I'm really excited!

I don't have a big audience right now, and I don't know how many people actually enjoy checking into my blog from time to time, but I want you guys to know that each of you are so so special, and you deserve the most wonderful of holidays. Every comment and share means a lot to me, thank you guys!

From the girl who's a little closer to happiness now,