The month of December has dawned upon us and it kind of dawned on me how it is our last month, our last chance to do something meaningful for others and for ourselves. I'm, of course, not implying that I think all of us has wasted just enough on the year 2014 itself. I believe there have been plenty of things happening around us this year, each person with a different story. But now, I feel like there is more to be done than just bid the year farewell. Take Part is a website that contains every bit of article about things that matter: Causes, awareness, pledges, etc. What I wanted to do was to list three causes that I thought should be more highlighted to the world.
Just for your information, I'm not doing this to get praised or to get attention. I do not need your attention, but they do. So this post will provide you with information on the donations involved as well as the link to where you can actually donate. It only takes a few clicks to start making change. There is a reason why I called this blog "a blog of important things", and it's because I wanted to post about all the things I find important of worth talking about. I strongly feel that this is the most important post I've made. Here are three ways you can give this Christmas:

1. Clean Water and Food Security for Africa

By clicking on the link, you could donate to bring clean water and food security to Africa. This donation program is empowered by Mama Hope, a foundation that builds healthy communities in Sub-Saharan Africa by investing in projects to bring food security, clean water, health care and education to communities in need. The thing I love about Mama Hope is how they focus on listening. They don't analyse the world's biggest problems by themselves and just go and find a solution. They let the local people talk to them, and they listen to what the people have to say. If you feel moved to make an impact through this foundation, you could also apply to become a global advocate. They have projects happening in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ghana, impacting thousands of lives already. Your support will allow Mama Hope to bring clean water, food security, healthcare, and even education to over 100,000 people in these 4 countries. You can actually be someone's Baymax. 

Mama Hope believes (and so do I) that there should be enough resources in the world for every human being to live a healthy and happy life! They envision a world where resources are shared across the globe to provide the tools communities need to thrive. So please consider donating to this wonderful charity foundation for Africa, because I truly believe in what this foundation is doing for the people of Africa. 

This next donation will be focusing onto areas in Haiti. This donation is presented by the Kenneth Cole Foundation, a foundation that thrives to open minds through education and awareness. They also partner with organisations committed to supporting communities in need, as well as promoting the culture of volunteering by pushing different individuals to start taking action. This foundation invests in social entrepreneurship and community builders. 

So far, Take Part has managed to raise $5,295 for this cause, but they're still a long way to go from their goal which is $25,000. This cause is empowered by the Saint Luke Foundation for Haiti, which is a 100% Haitian-run non-profit organization that provides education, medical care and dignified humanitarian outreach in places that haven't had a fair share of service by the traditional service providers. Their goal is to build a more independent and prosperous Haiti for the people. Basically, it's saying that the programs held by the Saint Luke Foundation focuses a lot on providing medical care, humanitarian aid, and education. The part that makes them even more special, is that they work hard to provide the people of Haiti with employment opportunities. It's important to not only hand them things, but to also give them solutions and give them a way so that they can live a better life by finding work as well. This foundation focuses on the least served communities of Haiti, and each program is run by highly skilled and trained leaders with the ultimate goal of saving lives and creating opportunities. By clicking on the link and donating, you can enter for a chance to win a $360 gift card to Plated, and 170 pounds of locally produced food will be delivered to single mothers in Cité Soleil on your behalf. I truly encourage you to donate, and not for the gift card, but because this can open up so many doors for the communities in Haiti. 

A small donation can have a profound effect. $10 could provide four pounds of protein-rich tilapia, raised in Haiti, to a family in need in Cité Soleil, $25 can provide school supplies for an elementary school student inside the St. Luke School system. By giving bigger donations, you get to save a life. $50 will help a mother with cholera, and $100 could save the life of a child in the E.R. It's a very trusted foundation and cause, so please take action if you can.

Last but not least, this is a reminder for you to donate to UNICEF, one of the best and most trusted charity foundations in the world. UNICEF stands for The United Nations Children's Fund, and the organization itself has been working in more than 190 countries and territories to save and improve the lives of children all over the world, providing health care and immunizations, clean water and sanitation, nutrition, emergency relief, education, and many more. Every day, children die from many preventable causes, and they don't have to. This foundation takes proven, low-cost methods that could save children's lives, regardless of where they are or who they are (putting aside family income, ethnicity, or location). If you click on the link above (the one next to number 3), you can make a donation for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, and provide the children with educational opportunities (like a School-in-a-Box kit), lifesaving vaccines, and many more.

UNICEF works in many fields and is widely known for their charitable work for children in many different countries. Their life-saving projects concern important matters like Ebola, malnutrition, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and more. UNICEF stands against trafficking and violence, and their work ranges from areas in Iraq to areas in the Philippines. If you are situated in the United States and have the urge to start fighting for child survival along with UNICEF, you can visit this link and find information about the non-profit jobs and careers that UNICEF has for you. I understand that "finding a career" in one of these foundations might seem a little too much for now, but if I were you, small opportunities like these wouldn't be the things I want to miss.

And so, I found these three causes very moving, and I hope this post helped you with information, and I really hope it's moved you to start donating as well and help one of these three foundations. As a subscriber to Take Part, I will regularly provide you guys with posts like these. A little bit about myself, I've always loved the idea of doing something for the people in need. Helping people, saving lives, making them happy, is what we're here for. I'm not old enough now, but when I grow up, I'm not going to die without going on at least one mission trip in this world. I will bring joy to the children who had to witness war happen in their own towns, or maybe I'll just bring clean water to the families in Africa. Whatever it is that we could do, let's.

From the constant seeker of a greater purpose,