I am watching this incredible and spiritual film. It tells a story of a white farmer trying to make ends meet in the lands of Africa, along with living with his 4 kids and his wife. Then he finds Jesus and starts seeing miracles happen in his life.

I'm not going to talk about the movie, but I soon realized something. There is a science to it. The faith of a farmer named Angus Buchan, a Scottish Caucasian man working on African soil, building his own homes and fixing his own tractors, could be much greater than the faith of a girl who lives in a two-story house, with her parents providing her with all the luxury in the world, attending church every weekend and reading the Bible every morning. It is in our hardships that we develop stronger faith. I don't own a farm in Africa, I don't have my workers speak to me in Zulu, I don't pray so that God may send in rain in the midst of a runaway fire. I sit at home and enjoy vacation and spend time on books and gadgets. What has my life come to?

This movie has led me to my life goal that   I've set for myself this moment. I must let myself grow. With all the challenges in the world, I must let myself grow. I must be the city girl that doesn't act like she's a city girl. I will be independent and I will develop stronger and stronger faith. I will seek more and more of Jesus in my life and nothing will stop me. 

That's my goal: To be a teenage girl living in a big city with the faith of a white farmer working in the lands of Africa.